Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Natty xoxo

Today was a good day... I got to catch up with Natty. Nat and I met at anti-natal classes. When I walked in the room she looked straight at me and smiled. As it worked out everyone in the class was due late November, Nat and I were both October. Me the 26th, her the 27th. We both finished up work the same week and continued to catch up a few times before our bubs were born. We both went passed our due dates, with Liam being born on the 3 Nov, and Hayden on the 7th (we both had boys!). We have caught up regularly over the past almost five years, and although I'm not a 'best friend' kind of girl, if I was to have a 'best' friend, it would have to be her. Little Caitlyn was born 20 weeks before Ethan, and I am so very proud and honoured to be Caitlyn's God mother. This year has been such a mess, both of our work committments, kinder committments, swimming, speech, church etc... have made it difficult to catch up. In fact we haven't seen each other since January. Today we finally caught up. I got in early a few weeks ago and booked today, being school holidays our other committments were a bit lighter. So for today, we both ignored our housework, the other things we probably 'should' be doing, and just enjoyed each others company, catching up on all those things we've missed. It was lovely! Hopefully we won't have to wait so long to be able to catch up again.

Apart from that I have done about a zillion loads of washing. Liam had a very rare accident (he'll hate me for saying that when he's older) and Ethan was sick in his cot, so both beds, doonas, pillows, everything had to be stripped and washed first thing this morning. On top of my normal (huge) daily washing load. I've just finished up my retreat class stuff and started to print out notes so B can photocopy tomorrow for me, and was about to get an early night (well it's early for me) when I hear Ethan grizzling. Thought he might be cold as his usual blanket is still wet, so I went in to put another blanket on him, only to find he has again been sick in the cot. Had to wake him up, strip him, put him in the shower with DH sleepily watching from the ensuite floor, strip and remake his bed, re-dress and at the moment he is in bed with DH, while I am waiting for the washing machine to finish so I can put on another load. At 11.59pm it looks like it won't be an early night after all.

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