Thursday, May 18, 2006

A trip to the firestation, and another layout.

Today was the preschool excursion to the firestation. As it is local we were able to walk there. Look at them all in their fire engines. They've been making these over the past week or so. I helped Liam pain his the day I did kinder duty. That's Liam in the white top at the left.

It's not a trip to the fire station without trying out the fire hoses. My little dude dressed for the occasion in his fireman hat.
They packed a lot into the visit. Looking at the different fire trucks; the ones for bushfires and the ones for house fires... and the one with all the lights and bits and pieces they need... including a coffee machine in the back! Need one of those in my boot! Heck, lets just mount it in the dash :)

Learing to stop, drop and roll. Liam is the brown pants 2nd from left.

All set ready to go back to kinder. One of his teachers is dressed as the traffic person (to control the kids LOL) Love the vest :) And have a look at the sign, green means the kids are allowed to walk, red means they have to stop. I know it's obvious, I just thought it was funny that the sign was the tell the kids what to do, not the cars LOL.

And a layout :)

My gorgeous little dude helping me clean his room. You might be able to read the journalling if you click on it, but in a nut shell it tells about how much he has grown up since starting preschool and how helpful he had become around the house (ok, not all the time, he is after all only four, and male at that LOL). But this day I was cleaning his room and he came in and took over from me. Aint he cute!

Used KI papers, Heidi letters - ran out of E's so had to use the negatives. Heidi corner and heart from the mini frame packs. Journalling on the other half of the ledger card I used from Ethan's layout. The twill with his name on it has been in my stash for years... like since Rubons first came out, and I couldn't get any, so decided to write on there with a fineliner. I think we were living at Brett's parents at the time, while we were finishing this place.

Jane, I love anything chocolate, but have to admit a weakness for anything with caramel in it too. mmmmmmmmm yummy!


Megan said...

How cute are those little dudes with their firetrucks on!! Totally adorable. Sounds like you had a fun day.

Lisa W said...

Absolutely adorable. Only a scrapping, photo mad mum would be taking all these photos. Wish you had been on some of my excursions!!! These are the moments I like to capture. The moments when you can really see people enjoying their life. Cant wait to see these ones scrapped.
Looking forward to Sat night!!

Sarah said...

HOw cute were they in their little fire trucks and Liam with his hat on.... OHHHHH.....

I adore your layout Katie. You are still tempting me to scrap smaller..:)


Nic Wood said...

Isnt it great to be able to go along to their excursions and capture all the excitement on 'film' as well. Im sure your boys will adore looking back at these pics for years to come.

I know Ive said it before, but Im just loving your LOs. Your style is just so inspirational. Not sure if its cause you do such gorgeous boy pages (something Im always looking for inspiration for LOL) or if its the fact that you manage to record those precious everyday moments that are so often overlooked. Anyway just wanted to let you know 'you rock'

Nic xxx

(sorry if I sounded a bit like some crazy scrap stalker LOL)

jane said...

how cute!love the little fire engine dudes- will have to show fireman Al - LOL!

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE...............thses are the moments you should treasure wish I was scrapping when my boys were so little.

What a great helper you have there.......need him here to help show my 23 year old how to clean his room. LOL!


kathie said...

What a sweet, sweet little helper :)
LOL about the coffee machine on the dashboard. Great for the trip to work in the morning!


Rach Axton said...

How much fun!!! Does Liam want to be a fireman now?? Wow your layout is so cool.. but I'm absolutely in love with you're Scenic Route one.. wow it is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

looks like you and liam had a lot of fun on the excursion:) love the layout!


Sofi p said...

Aww, what adorable photos. Love the little fire trucks. Can't wait to see these scrapped, Katie.