Friday, May 19, 2006

They're easier are they?!

So who exactly was it that said girl layout are easier than boy? I beg to differ. I tried to go girly, I tried to go pink and flowery and frilly, and look what happened. There might be a little bit of pink on there, a very little bit at that, but, well, it's not much different to a boy layout I'd make. I have the boy thing down, I am comfortable with it, I find it easy, I love doing boy layouts... girls, that out of my comfort zone.

Ohh almost forgot my big news for the day! d-du-da! My lights came :) In a huge orange TNT truck! That put a smile on Ethan's face (Liam was at preschool) I got all excited. I ripped the boxes open, oooh nicely packaged. Opened it up. HUGE lights. Put it back in the box and waited for Brett to come home... too chicken to try and work it out myself. Gorgeous DH has set them up, just having a little trouble getting them to do what I want them to do... you think for $2000 they'd put in an instruction manual! I have a week to work it out. Have a shoot booked next weekend, then am booked/busy till the middle of June. And have three people waiting for dates. I know it sounds crazy too, but Christmas photos, if anyone wants them done, don't leave it too late. Last year I did four each week for the 8 weeks before Christmas. I was stupid. I nearly gave it all up. I understood how people could be hospitalised for exhaustion. It was like 70 hours of work each week on top of my 'regular' job. Not doing that EVER again. If you want a booking, contact me to reserve a date fairly early as they do fill up fast. Also, for photos before Christmas, the sitting must be before December (another mistake I am NOT making this year). It is really early, just for the people who like to think about things for months first... start thinking :)

Am I scaring you with thoughts of Christmas LOL ;)


Lyn Dwyer said...

This is gorgeous KATIE. LOve how you have sewn all the hearts.You are so creative girl!...and what's this I hear about you being god Miss K....SHY? SHY? .....could have fooled me!Anyone that can talk non stop...ten to the dozen NOT shy!Great to earh you got your lights and that Brett has set them up for you.
Does this mean you are going to quit your other job now?
Have a great weekend!


Nic Wood said...

Yay you did it - the LO is gorgeous. It has enough 'girly' touches and its so you - what else could you want?!

Sounds like you might have to start photography full time to fit it in. Good luck with it all
Nic xxx

Sofi p said...

Katie, the layout is gorgeous. It's very you, very much your style.

God luck with the phtography, sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend "PLAYING".

kathie said...

I love the way you do boys layouts. And you're right, your style is so lovely and quite comfortable with boys, with your LOs still being bright, light and colourful. Personally, I still find girly layouts easier. But I'm getting used to doing boys stuff. After all, there's only so many pages I can do about myself, lol.

Jess said...

Book me in for October! I think you're page is gorgeous. I'd love the opportunity to find out if girl pages are easier or not. :o)


Mardi said...

Katie...I couldnt agree more...I love boys Layouts, and my girly ones tend to have a grungy look about them, on the other hand have just created an absolutley gorgeous girls Layout....with a Katie T flair to it....cant wait to see more.