Monday, May 22, 2006

Just another Monday

It was so hard to get up this morning. I am not a fan of alarms! Still need to catch up on some sleep from our late night on Saturday. It was great to have Jane, Lisa and Sarah here for a scrap, although I didn't do much at all. Half finished a layout, but I'm still not happy with it, so its sitting on my desk until some inspiration strikes. It was great to have you girls here, thank you for comming out of your way so I didn't have to miss out on our regular crop.

I have another group of girls I adore comming to scrap in just under two weeks time too. Can't wait. Love it when I get to catch up with scrapping friends. It's amazing to think scrapping has bought so many gorgeous people into my life. I am so thankful.

Work was OK. Nothing different worth writing about. I am still loving that slow cooker though. To walk in the door just before 7.00, and have some yummy beef stroganoff just waiting to be eaten... YUM! It's heaven. I think I have used it every night since we bought it! Anyone want to send me some yummy recipies?

Tonight I have done almost half of the SM challenge I have to do. I also have a stack of paperwork to sign, and invoices to organise for them. Must do that and get them in the mail!

I want to try and take some photos of the boys tomorrow (OMGosh photos of my own children!!!) Imagine that! I don't know where I will manage to fit it in though, as Tuesdays are a bit of a mad rush, wish Speech and kinder and seem to be driving up and down the Peninsula all day. We'll see what kind of mood Ethan is in while Liam is a preschool. Might be able to get some then.

Brett bought two HUGE birds of paradise plants today. They are gorgeous! They are going kind of in the middle of the deck. Between the deck and the boardwalks. I'll post a photo when they are in. One the weekend they did a bit more, and the huge posts are stood now. I think they are almost ready to actually put some decking down. It will be nice to be able to walk out there, altough I am getting very used to walking over the top of the bearers now... brings back memories of building!


jane said...

ooh yep, it was very hard getting up Sunday morning! but worth it, had lots of fun, and did more than i intended to- was just happy in the company!! we have to organise the next one now.I agree, i have made alot of new, lovely friends through this hobby
cant wait to see the deck finished-c'mon Brett- what are you doin'- hee hee, just kidding- looks great so far!!!

Sofi p said...

Can't wait to see the deck Katie, when it's finished.

Looking forward to photos of the boys too. I know I need to get some pics of Lee done too.

Sarah said...

oHHH katie, thanks so much for inviting me to your beautiful home. I had an awesome night. Youe desk is gogn to be lovely to scrap on on a hot summers night!!!!LOL..


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie...I've been wanting to purchase a Bird of Paradise plant for ages now. I just love them!

Sounds like the deck is going to get a lot of use when it's finished.Perhaps you could have a 'deck warming party"....scrap related of course.LOL!"What the heck....a scrap deck!"