Monday, April 17, 2006

Perfect family life hey! LOL I love this photo of us. Every year I get my Christmas shopping done all except for Brett's parents. I find them so hard to buy for. They have everything. My mum tends to spot something in a shop, and will put off buying it, then tell us what it is when we ask her if there is anything she would like for Christmas. Brett's parents tend to buy stuff when they see it, and it can be so hard to buy them gifts. Last Christmas we still hadn't bought their present by 23rd, so I decided the next day (yep Christmas eve - talk about leaving it till the last minute) we would have a family photoshoot and give them a frame with a combination of different shots in it. She loved it! Anyway I took most of the photos, but when it came to me being in the shot too, we had to rely on the timer... and with a 10 month old and a just-turned-four-year-old there's no knowing what you're going to get. Liam's pretty good, he'll watch the light flashing on the camera and thinks it's great that the camera fires all by itself. But Ethan, well, this pic really tells it all. I love it though, I love how candid it is. It's probably my favourite from the whole lot. I should print this one for my room. Anyway this layout is for my much neglected personal album. I stayed up late last night matching bits and pieces and bagging everything up into my beloved 12x12 baggies. My favourite piece of BG sweetpea Jack paper, MM stamps - painted really roughly, some chatterbox corners, Foofala rubon brackets (freeby from SM), a Lil-Davis buckle, and some ribbon that came wrapped around some towels. (did I hear someone say horder LOL)

Now this one is all for me, inspired by Easter. I've been feeling a little lost in my Christian walk, and felt like I needed a bit of a refresher (and a big kick in the pants), so while mulling over it all, I decided to get back to basics and scrap the 10 commandments. I think a lot about my journalling while I am creating a page, so I thought it would be good for me to one by one scrap each commandment, and get lost in thought and reflect while I play and create. I'm just going to use a photo that I love on each page. So here is #1. "Do not worship any other God but me" - Exodus 20.3. The journalling down the side is taken directly from the Life application study bible (NLT). It is such a good bible, so easy to understand, and so relevant to today.

Today I had to get stuck into some housework. I have so much washing to do! Managed to get three loads done, have at least another four to do still.

I made a start on Joshua's page for Leanne, then we all went for a drive to Rosebud, and I picked up my layby - now I have work pants that fit properly! Won't they be happy to not see me hitching up my pants anymore LOL. And some other yummy bits and pieces. We followed that up with a drive around the back of Rosebud/Arthurs Seat, then home. Photo orders are starting to pour in which is great, so I'll try and get them done tomorrow, and also have to prepare paperwork and pack a layout for SM.

I hope everyone had a great, safe weekend.

Ohhhh and almost forgot - Jess has a blog! YAY! Just waiting on you now Carolyne and Jane.


jane said...

your family Layout just says love, love ,love- they are both beautiful layouts, Katie, and very personal too-
........I dont know about me starting a blog- im having enough trouble getting a layout finished!!! LOL
have a great week

Sarah said...

LOve the layout Katie. Seriously i dont know where you find the time... Well Done!!!


janinek said...

I love the family shot Katie, sometimes the shots that capture the way you interact as a family are the best ones. Love the LO's too.

Jess said...

I love your work so much Katie! Really like the idea of your album on the 10 commandments.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie......have you heard about the 11th Commandment? " thou shalt rest on the seventh day from churning out latouts!" LOL!

Love all your work.....and love the idea of using the 1o Commandments!


Sofi p said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. What a brilliant idea about scrapping the 10 commandments. You never cease to inspire me Katie!


Rach Axton said...

Love that photo Katie, have I mentioned how good you are!! Pity we didn't get to catch up this time that I was in Melb, you'll have to come up here ;)

Anyway gorgeous layouts and take care!