Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Its a good morning when you can scrap a layout before breakfast. I had everything bagged up together first, (papers, embellishments, sketch, photos) so just had to put it all together and make some minor alterations. I LOVE this layout. Has to be one of my favourites at the moment. The photo is another from our Christmas photo shoot, just another candid moment during the shoot. Love the colours in the Daisy D's paper, matches the Heidi bits and pieces perfectly. I know my pages are quite girly for boy layouts, but I like it like that. It's my shabby-chic inner trying to get out. DH has had most of the say in our house (well he did build it) and the decorating is quite modern and minimilistic; so I guess the frilly, girly part of me gets to come out on my layouts.

Next up is the second page from my swap with Leanne. I hope you like it Leanne, I know its a lot different to your usual style. (How cute is he in his little Dior outfit!)

Today: We had speech this morning and gorgeous DH met us there to entertain Ethan. Liam did brilliantly. He has pretty much mastered 'k', now we are working on putting it into sentences, and also starting to introduce 'f' (yay, cos that one drives me crazy!) Liam pronounces K's as T's, and F's and S's. Sometimes it can be quite frustrating to work out what he's saying. Especailly with sentences like "it's really sunny", when he really means "it's really funny" No wonder I loose track of the topic totally. But it won't be for much longer. He's doing brilliantly and Jenni is thrilled with his progress. When we got there this morning she had a treasure hunt, just like an egg hunt, but it was his cards that were hidden (little cards with pictures of things that start with k/c - car, keys, king, carrot etc. That was fun, then they played more games putting the words into sentences. He found it harder, but did really well.

Today my lovely neighbour was on kinder duty, so she picked Liam up and dropped him off for me. It was so nice to be able to put Ethan to bed when he needed to go, and let him wake up when he was ready. After he woke we went and ordered Hannah's photos, and tonight I have just come back from dropping them off. The mum had been shopping and had all her frames (empty) already hanging on the walls. She put the prints in straight away so I got to see them. I have to say they looked brilliant. She did a big collection of 8x10's on one wall in huge cream shabby chic frames.

I also scrapped another layout today, but haven't scanned it yet. Working tomorrow, so won't be able to scrap, so I'll upload it then. Something interesting to look at, rather than listen to my 'stuff'.


Jess said...

Beautiful layouts Katie. Especially love the one of Ethan and Brett. There's something very beautiful about father/son photos where you can see that love.


Sarah said...

Wow Girl,
You are on a roll. can you please send some of your Mojo this way please...... Love the layout of Brett and Ethan.


Sofi p said...

I love them both. You can really tell there is a very strong bond in the Me & dady photo. How cute is Leanne's baby, he is adorable.

Anonymous said...

oh wow Katie - this layout is everything and more that I hoped you'd create.

You are definately my favourite shabby chic scrapper - you are a master of this style and I'm so glad it's not how I would have done it. This is truely gorgeous.

Thank you so very much for both layouts that you made for the boys - they are going to be such wonderful additions to their albums ( actually MY album ). LOL.

Please send me through the photos of your darling boys as soon as you get a chance. The pressure is definately on now to give you something that you'll be happy to put in their albums too.

Thanks again, you made my day !

Leanne S.

Julie LOVE said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts Katie and I totally hear you about the boy layouts with the girlie touches!!! and you know what??? I do the same thing...who makes the rules anyway LOL LOVE YOUR STYLE


Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.....another 2 goegeous layouts. AND Leanne must be over the moon to think that she has you scrapping pages for her album.

Great that Liam is going well with his speech!


Nic Wood said...

Im in total awe of all these stunning LOs you are posting lately Katie. They are all just beautiful.
Love those candid shots of Ethan & your DH.
Nic xxx

kathie said...

I love your style. It's just perfect for little boy layouts. I love it that they have different colours in them than brown, blue and black. I love it that you use flowers, but not in a girly way. If you know what I mean.