Friday, April 21, 2006

Crop night :)

You girls are cracking me up. As each of these stalker-anonymous emails come in its making me laugh. Love you girls! Love that you take the time to stalk me. Unfortunatly there's not much here lately - unless you want to come fold my washing and put it away for me ;)

An early post from me today, I'm off to CTYD tonight for a crop. My usual monthly night out should be tomorrow, but we double booked, and there was NO WAY I was missing out! So I changed it to tonight. Unfortunatly Miss Jane is not well, nor are her gorgeous little kiddies, so she's most likely not comming :( I'll miss you J. Hope you and the kidlets are feeling better soon. So I'm grabbing a few minutes before B gets home/dinner etc to blog. Liam has gone to stay at Nanna & Poppy's tonight, but there are still three kids here. The girls across the road are in the lounge playing 'school' and trying to get Ethan to sit on the mat! Ha! Good luck LOL.

I finally could not put the washing off any longer. Liam didn't have to go to preschool naked, but Ethan did have to wear one of Liam's singlets - time to get some washing and done, and clean up this pigsty dusty house! That covers most of my day so far. I did manage to print up some photos and plan a few layouts for tonight. So no posts yet, but tomorrow there will be.

Oh and got asked today to do a challenge for SM using Rusty Pickle. Cant wait to see the goodies, should arrive next week.


Sarah said...

Hope you are having fun!!!! I ahave to work at our crop night tomorrow night "SIGH". I hope you got heaps done .. can't wait to see them all.....

NuttyScrapper said...

will be looking again tomorrow for the LO's rotflol.....


Carolyne Hallum said...

congrats on the SM....there's no stopping you girl. WHERE are the layouts girl...i like to know someone is scrapping more than me. well that's not hard to do lately hey.

jane said...

morning Katie- awake yet are we?
i am (unfortunately)-not my 2 doing- just the 2 little darlings that love me so much!!lol
so glad i got to the crop last night
stalker fan # 55555555555555

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE..............hope you had a great night at the CROP !
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the Rusty Pickle layout!

Have a great weekend!