Thursday, April 20, 2006

500 hits!

Well it's been one week tonight since I put the counter on my blog, and I thought it would be heaps if I had 100 hits on it; but now a week later there are over 500! Are you girls just clicking on it 100 times each? LOL

So have you all noticed the addition to my sidebar? Notice the new blog? We are still in the baby-steps stages at the moment aren't we C, but between us we are getting there! LOL

It was surprisingly easy to get up thismorning after my late night with Miss C. I am such a night-owl, and once I start something I don't want to stop till it's all worked out, or until I just can't see straight anymore. Best time of day for me. I come alive. I have so much more energy. I am so better organised at night. Probably because I am the only one up, and don't have to organise anyone else. Anyway, back to this morning. I woke to the sound of the garbage truck somewhere around our estate (not out the front yet?) 6.00am. DH was just getting out of the shower when I reminded him that I didn't think he'd put the bins out. He took off half dressed, into this freezing, raining, wind howling (as it always does here) blizzard to put the bin out. He appeared a minute or so later, expecting me to warm him back up. Gosh, what was he thinking? Just cos I was still snuggled up as warm as toast. Although he thinks I looked like a bandicoot peering out from my burrow. Couldn't stop laughing at him. Great way to wake up though, laughing.

Swimming again this morning, and my little man did so well again. Probably the power from his Batman wrist shooting thing he insisted on wearing in the pool. Off to preschool in the afternoon, then Ethy and I trotted off to get more photos orders printed. Caught up with a friend while we waited for the processing. I'm happy with the printing. I'm really happy with the guy I've found at the moment. He's so helpful and careful. Need that.

Tonight I've taken a break from scrapping and watched a movie with DH. Now I have to go pack these photo orders for delivery, and I need to make up some more information packs for when clients book a shoot.

Oh an I'm also working on a little project for our family room. I've bought 12 frames, and am arranging a collection of my favourite photos from our beach trip on the wall in there. Unfortunatly I didn't realise until I had the frames home, that they didn't have the little hangy things on the back, so I guess I have to do that too now... then again, the drill might wake everyone up. If it looks any good I'll post a pic.


NuttyScrapper said...

*putting hand up*
Yes, it's me checking back about 5 times a day - just to see your layouts! They are blowing me away at the moment - every single one of them :)

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie............500 hits eh? Hey that's celebrity status isn't it girls!
So glad you helped Carolyn set up her blog. Can you help her to allow comments from people other than "blogger" users like me that are with "typepad" Katie.I've tried to leave comments but it won't let me.
Thank you!


Jess said...

I'm with Lou. I check your blog a few times a day - looking for inspiration or just checking to see if you've posted yet. *blushing* I'm a Katie groupie!


Sofi p said...

I'm on the Katie Toland fan list (LOL!). You are such an insipartion, can you give me some of your mojo?! (tee-hee). Keep up the brilliant work.


Megan said...

Guilty as charged. Katie groupie number 4.
Love your stuff girl. You are truly inspirational.