Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've been a bad girl!

Thanks for your queries girls, I feel very special and loved. Ethan is pretty good today, almost back to himself. What ever it was he seems to have knocked it off pretty quickly, so that is great.

I’ve been a bad girl. It’s been a long time since I went to the dentist, so following a long awaited check up last week, tonight I had my first two fillings done. Initially she thought they were small, but they were not. I had to have three needles, so now half my head is numb! Serves me right for putting it off for so long. At least I made it through 31 years before I had to have a filling LOL

Liam went for a picnic to Ballam Park with his little kinder friend who lives in the next street. I thought it would be bliss, I’d put Ethan down for a nap, and get some cleaning done, maybe fiddle with some photoshoots, or maybe even some scrapping. Got a little cleaning done, then the two little girls across the street came over to visit. They don’t seem to care that Liam isn’t here, they just come in and play with his toys and jabber non-stop! Ethan and I walked over to Liam’s friends to pick him up (he wanted to play for longer after the park), had a coffee and recruited two new scrappers. I’m giving Kylie and one of her friends a bit of a scrapping lesson next week. Should be fun, and now I have someone to pass all my old mags onto.

Then tonight I’ve finished editing Rach’s photos. So gorgeous girl, if you read this your pics are ready. I’ll email you.

Now off to pack bags for tomorrow. The boys are off to my sisters as mum and dad are in Hong Kong. Three boys, when she's used to one! Might be a good idea to pray for her! LOL

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