Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I think I spoke too soon :o(

When I got to my sisters house to pick up the boys after work Ethan was asleep. When Sam bought him out we both commented on how rashey his face looked. I took a peek at his tummy and sure enough it’s rashey too. No blistery like chickenpox should be, and not as fine as a measles rash, and definitely not a dark red, non-fading meningicocal rash. Apart from still being a little cranky, (I still don’t know if it’s the molar as it still hasn‘t come through) in all other aspects he seems fine. I guess the morning will tell. I have Aidan for the next two days, so that makes me pretty much house bound anyway.

Woo hoo, I had another layout accepted today. Just as I was about to post the other two! Didn’t I say that would happen! Held off, so I might get Brett to post them for me tomorrow. Don’t fancy a trip to the PO with three kids, and I really should keep Ethan isolated until we know what he’s got.

Edited to add: (for the record) Tripped over this morning, and caused some sort of damage to my pelvis again. Felt an instant snapping feeling again, and since then it's felt strained. Sitting for long periods can be uncomfortable, lifting is not good. Not silly enough to try running/stairs or rough ground. It's not REALLY painful, but uncomfortable.


Donna WIlson said...

I hope he's ok Katie... Great on getting so many lo's accepted... I can't get ONE !!! xx

Jess said...

Hope he's ok Katie. Angus has bronchiolitis at the moment, so we're suffering here too. Hope things are looking up tomorrow. Congratulations on another acceptance! Just proves that your work rocks!

Jess said...

WHOO HOO another acceptance. Well done Katie.....

Poor little Ethan. I hope he is OK. Maybe it is part of a virus. there are some nasty's going around. I hope is is Ok for you today.


kathie said...

Congrats on your LO acceptances. Hope Ethan's OK.

jane said...

hi there- just did this huge post and Lukie turned the computer off!ahhh
i hope ethans problems are all connected to his teething!
im at my sisters on broadband(heaven) with 5 kids all happily playing at the moment (how long will this last!!!)
hope your day goes well
congrats on the acceptance-you are on a roll
ps congrats on the