Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What a difference a year makes! Today was Ethan's due date (last year of course!) He was supposed to be my valentine... and I was sure he wouldn't arrive for at least a week or two after that, but here he is 9 days old on 14/2/05 and also in his one year old portrait taken last week. This is the little outfit he wore at his party. He looks so much like my nephew Will in the second photo (my brothers little boy).

AND HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO YOU ALL, hope your loved one remembers it's Valentines day, cos mine wont LOL!

I wanted to take Liam up to the skateboard park this morning, thought I could get some nice pics of him, but it was raining :( Maybe Friday.

Still waiting on the referal from the dentist, and not taking a lot of comfort in the fact they don't know who to refer him too. The cyst is still there, and the thought of him undergoing general anasthetic for it just wasn't sitting right with me. So a billion prayers later, the phone rang this morning. It was Tea's mumma, who is also a naturapath. We got chatting about the kiddies (who were screaming like maniacs in the background!) and I mentioned it to her. She suggested a visit to the naturapath and I thought why not! So long story short, we now have lots of little minerals that I have to grind and feed him non stop (like every 15 minutes!), a mouth wash to coat it with (good luck cos this smells like the rotting root of a tree! and very similar to the herbs I had while I was in labour, which really did work well by the way!) and a zinc drink... and take him off dairy... and reduce his wheat intake... anyway - she thinks it could be gone tomorrow! :) :) :) I'll have to keep you posted.

And here is a layout I decided to start at 11.33 last night!


Carol-lea said...

Katie your little boy is just gorgeous... what difference a year makes!!

Loving all the layouts and photos... you are way too clever!!


Lyn Dwyer said...

You gotta try what ever it takes KATIE to make him better.Hope it works.

Did you have rain down there today? It's been a sunny day here in the YARRA VALLEY. Looks like being about 28 tomorrow...then 31 on Thursday.
I'm off to Sharndra's to scrap tomorrow.


kathie said...

Hope the herbs work. I'm a big believer in the natural approach!
Love the photos of your little fella. Isn't he too cute!