Sunday, February 19, 2006

I have layouts :)

The crop last night was so much fun. Jane was just lovely... as I knew she would be :) Jess any night you want to come, you can stay here, any of you girls can, I hope you know that. You might just have to fight over who gets the spare bed though. Didn't end up leaving until 1.30! It's OK for me cos I only have about 3 minutes drive, but Jane had quite a bit more. Hope you got home saftely Jane.

After getting into bed just after 1.30, and tossing and turning for an hour with ideas etc running through my head I finally started to feel tired at 2.30... just when Ethy decided it was morning! Um, NO son! Apparently DH didn't give him dinner!? A quick can of baby food and a bottle and he was back in bed. He was quite funny though, I only had one of the kitchen lights on really dim, and he kept walking (waddling) around, pointing at the roof, saying "oooooooh". I don't know if he's ever been up in the middle of the night before.


jane said...

hi Katie
i posted about an hour ago, and the darn thing has disappeared. I had a blast last night, although i was nowhere near as prolific as your good self- it was amazing to see your layouts come together so quickly-and look so good (girls-she even brought her own little sewing machine along!)And thanks for bringing your albums along they are fantastic!!cant wait for the next crop now.last nights LO's look great on the screen too Katie - love those surfboards LOL
ps only took 20min home, but it was musical beds with the kids again!! so, no gym for me today-!

Jess said...

I'm staying in Rosebud the last week of March. Any chance there's a crop then? Or that we could just have our own at the holiday house or at your place?


Lyn Dwyer said...

Love the little surfboards Katie!

Glad you got to meet Jane in person.She is very nice!


Carolyne said...

WOW AND MORE WOW...loving it all.

Lyn Dwyer said...

What sort of small sewing machine do you use Katie!


Donna said...

These are just gorgeous, Katie! I love what you've done with the photos too, especially the little motorbike one. So cute! Your scrapping is so sweet and whimsical...I love it.

Sofi said...

Katie, love your latest layouts. I have a similar photo of Lee on his "Road map" rug, playing with a train!!! Sounds like you had fun at the crop at CTYD!

Megan said...

These LOs are so good. Loving the motorbike one. Love the photo editing. You are so talented.
I am with Jess - we have to do an altogether crop!!