Saturday, January 03, 2009

PAD 03

Photo a Day 3rd January 2009.
32 weeks today.
Celebrated with yet another trip to the baby shop for yet more stuff. Think I'm done now.
I've packed up my lights and backdrops, so back to the bare basics again for a little while... until I can be bothered to unpack it all again. Seeing as the Christmas stuff is still not all packed up it may be a while. The boys are going great in one room. The baby room is almost complete. She has a name now. Finally. Besides a load or two more washing, I think we are pretty much ready. Just as well as I'm STILL getting the false labour pains. I woke up in pain the other night and had to have a shower at 2am to stop them, or at least slow them down. And have I mentioned that she's breech? Just like Ethan was. Hopefully she will turn soon. My platelets are also low which could be a problem if she doesn't turn over as we'd go elective C/S (we looked into it all when Ethan was breech) but hopefully she'll turn. There's still time. But I passed my diabetes test (not sure how with Christmas and all!)


jane fitchett said...

ohh, good to see all those preggy photos- i cant believe how close its getting!!

Jasmine said...

What a gorgeous photo :)

Praying she turns and stays put safely in mum's tum for the next few weeks.

Jas xx

Leonna said...

Loving that photo with the stick figure...soooooooo cute!! Hope all goes well Katie, will be crossing my fingers for you. xx