Saturday, November 29, 2008

We made it through :)

Week 26 had a big shaddow over it in my mind. Week 26 with Ethan was the week my pelvis separated. The week the cartlidge at my pubic bone snapped away from the bone... obviously leaving me in *a lot* of pain for the rest of my pregnancy. So it would be fair to say I'd been worried about getting this far. To add to it I had a beach shoot booked for this week, which was booked before I even knew I was pregnant. Walking on the beach is REALLY bad for my pelvis and to get to the beach I use for photos it's quite a hike up the beach - as some of you would know LOL.

But yay... we made it to 27 weeks and all is good (well as good as I can hope for anyway LOL). Now having accupuncture every 2 weeks, and still doing pilates every week. This week I need to get my diabetes test done too, and have a checkup with the doc, before a check up with the midwife.

Work is crazy busy, but getting near the end. I do remember saying something about limiting sessions to one a week. Well yeah right... I've been doing 4 or 5 a week. Crazy. But it's slowing down now, and I'm really looking forward to Christmas and getting the boys and baby's rooms orgainsed. I got quotes done to have the wardrobes done. OMGosh you just can not possibly understand how awsome it is to have wardrobes after living in a (not finished) house with no wardrobes for almost FIVE FREAKING YEARS. One of those jobs we'll get done one day. One of those jobs that something else always seemed more important than. But now, with another bub on the way I decided enough is enough and I want them done. Very exciting. I'll post piccies soon of before's and afters. And the rooms as they get re-decorated.

And it's nearly time to put the christmas tree up and decorate the house. Ohh it's so fun. Now I just have to go finish off these photos so I can get on with the decorating stuff :)

Oh and did you know if you click on the numbers on that little baby ticker that they change. Tells you how many weeks preg, how many days left etc etc. Well 91 days left! OMG!!

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kathie said...

Oh wow, I cannot believe you're that far along already!

Glad that things will start to slow down for you soon.

And, yes! I didn't think that there was anyone else on the planet who understood what it was like to live in a house with no wardrobes. We have done that for 10 years. The only time I had a wardrobe was bout six months just before we sold the last house. Oh, I miss that house!