Friday, June 27, 2008

Well it's been a while...

But we are still here :)

Today was the last day of school for term #2, and so now WE'RE ON HOLIDAYS. Yippeeeee. I get to have my munchkins around me for a whole two weeks. We have lots of fun stuff planned, which will probably mean I'll be taking pics and wanting to upload them here, so I'd best get a catch up post done and load some pics that have been waiting a long time.

So what have we been up to. The preps at Liam's school had a tree plant at the Briars (yep my fave place). Ethan and I went along, helped plant some trees, and tag them with Liam's name. And then followed up our hard work with a sausage sizzle and icepole. Yum :)

And there's been a little creating going on. And creating means mess doesn't it?
My boy and I have now been together for 13 years. I like this pic cos he looks old and I look younger - hahahaaaa. [sorry honey, but you can't look great in ALL pics - although you do still look mighty spunky xx]
And the boy lost a tooth! Well actually he's now lost three. First was his bottom right, then his bottom left, and now the top right. He's growing up!!

And boy2, just wanted to get his nugget (and bottle of water) infront of the camera too :) Look at hose curles. Ahhhh beautiful. Is he just the sweetest thing? Asleep on the couch... again.
Sweet? Or just plain old cheeky! I walked into the kitchen to find him up on the bench like that. Hows the look on his face. So proud, and "doing something wrong? Me?? No way!"


carolyne said...

congrats on your comeback, have missed you as this seems to be our only means of catchup lately....we MUST do something about that. congrats on celebrating 13 too, we are 20 in sept, argh!!!! that makes me very OLD. love your life in pictures girl. hugs.

Tanya said...

Hi there Katie!! have missed your posts!! Congrats on celebrating 13 years... woo hoo!! My your boys have grown, & yay for school holidays!! 2 weeks doing fun stuff with the kiddos! I hope you & your boys have a great time over the holidays.. look forward to seeing what you get up to!!

Take care,


Megan said...

I missed you too. We really need a real life catch up.
By the way, you look so spunky in that photo!!

welcome to my world said...

GREAT TO HEAR THAT YOU AND YOUR BOYS ARE WELL. how good are school holidays going to be :)Can't wait.

Leanne Stamatellos said...

great to see you back Katie - it has been ages and before too long I'll be back in Melbourne for my yearly visit - always thinking of you and the family.

Kylie said...

FINALLY!!! Hey - congrats on the 13 years - great photo! LOVE the boy snaps!

kathie said...

Congratulations on the thirteen years - great photo of the two of you!
Have a happy school holidays. Looking forward to the photos of the fun :)

Lisa Le-Ray said...

I thought u might be inspired by these pics!

Karen L said...

I love school holidays too - we are also on our school holiday break - love the fact that we don't have to rush off each morning. Some great family everyday shots too Katie.
Congratulations on being together for 13 years - now you are making me feel ancient.

Chrissy said...

Yep loving school hols here too sweetie! Had to giggle at that cheeky little bench boy of yours, that is sooooo something my Alex would've done at that age. *grin*

Love Chrissy x

lyn dwyer said...

Hi Katie,

just getting my Katie fix.....LOL!
Glad to see you back blogging.

Congrats on 13 years together with Brett....and yes he is a spunk girl....but so are you!

Leanne....I'm coming to the Gift Fair again this year...not sure what day we might see you there.

KATIE the boys have grown up so that "munchkin" on the bench.....Ethan reminds me of what my Tim was like as a child...LOL!