Sunday, May 04, 2008

Boy2... again.

It wasn't until I re-read a few posts ago where I mentioned that I had more pics from this shoot to upload. I'd forgotten all about them so had to hunt them out. I think Liam is due for some pics now though, Ethan can have a little rest :)

Giant lollypop, a stick and a puddle. What more could a little boy want. And yep, he went home pretty much nude with the heater cranked up. It was a fun end to the speed shoot.


janinek said...

Your photography is always so beautiful! Love the puddle stomping pic!

jane fitchett said...

i think ethan looks like Liam in the 1st photo:)

Luke and i got a brown and a khaki hat on friday- they dont have the nice star tag on them though- but the do look cute- had to get size 7-10 for my boofheaded boy though LOL

great photos as always


Carolina said...

Stunning photos as usual, and you're right what else could a boy want??? LOL