Monday, April 14, 2008


While the oven is not finished yet, it needed to be burnt in... so we decided to pop a pizza (or four) in there too. Say it with me {yummy!}
Didn't take long to attract the neighbours.
now just to finish the oven.


Megan said...

OK I'm waking Joel up and we'll be over in an hour or so for pizza lunch! LOL! That looks so good. Your hubby is one clever dude. It really looks great.

Karen L said...

Could almost smell it from here Katie - looks sensational and I am sure you guys will put it to good use. Might even be worth the trip to Melbourne to sample those pizza's.

Tanya said...

WOW... how cool is that! the pizza looks so yummy!! See the boys are nice & relaxed!!

Nic Wood said...

LUCKY girl!! I would lurve my own pizza oven. It looks fantasitc. Enjoy!!!!

Nic xxx

Natti said...

Ohhh yummo!!!
Make sure that's burnt in and ready for when we come hey!! Sounds like a perfect excuse for a Saturday afternoon pizza fest! Can't wait to see you!