Thursday, January 10, 2008

Photo a day - 9th Jan

Oops, forgot to load this up last night.
Today: Ethan played hide and seek in his Elmo tent.

Both boys have had fevers for the past three days. Our next door neighbour has just come down with chickenpox... so once again we are in isolation. This must be the 5th time Liam has been in contact with the pox, and he's never caught it. Ethan's been immunised for it (wasn't a standard immunisation when Liam was smaller), so if Eth gets it it should only be mild. Liam did have a few spots on him yesterday, but they didn't change all day, so I think they are bites from camping that I hadn't noticed. Had to go buy a stronger panadol. Was using a big bottle in just a few days. Thought the pharmacist must have thought I was addicted to it or something!


connie said...

love the middle one Katie.. your colors are amazing....


kathie said...

Oooh, look at those gorgeous colours. Wow, those photos are going to be fab to scrap!

Hope the boys don't come down with chickenpox and hope their fevers go away soon.

Carolina said...

I just totally move your crisp vibrant photos Katie, and the angles... I'll be joining you on this :)