Friday, December 21, 2007

So proud

My little boy still had childcare today. The big boy was supposed to have school until 1.00pm. My ex-boss called last week and said they'd love it if I could come to their Christmas breakup. We juggled, shuffled, and finally worked out the logistics of Ethan, but just couldn't do Liam. Boss just said to bring him along, so I gave him the morning off school, packed his backpack with lots of couring sheets, textas, cars, spiderman figurines, and a few snacks, ironed his 'nice' clothes and set off. I have to admit I was a little worried. Lunch with these guys is never less than 4hrs, and he was sure to be bored before then. We had to go to Brighton Yacht Club, and although it took over an hour to get there, we still arrived earlier than needed, so we headed to the park to play. I thought if he burned some energy in the park he'd be a bit more settled at lunch.

He was SO good. He coloured in his sheets, introduced Nick to Cars, and black spiderman. Ate his fish'n'chips, coloured some more, then sat down on the floor in the corner, and played with his cars. Popping up occasionally to have a sip of his lemonade. He chatted with Pat who loved him so much I thought she may just smuggle him out LOL. He went out onto the balcony and watched the yachts and the storm rolling in. Then after about 3hrs and 50 mins came to me and said he'd like to go home. He was asleep in the car before I was out of the carpark. Not once did I need to bribe him, or tell him off, or even ask him to settle down. He is a pretty quiet kid anyway, but I was so pleased with his behaviour. Of course I love him to pieces, he's my boy, but even if he wasn't, I think I'd still love him. He's just a beautiful kid. So utterly adorable and sweet. So gentle, affectionate, caring and thoughful. I really, really like him. He's such a great kid. I'd pick him for a friend for sure. Without a doubt.

One really funny thing he said today:
As we were leaving home, we noticed quite a few removalist trucks in the new estate down the road. I mentioned all the people who were moving into their houses for Christmas, and said I wondered whether they'd go and get a Christmas tree etc. He started to tell me all the things they needed to get.

"They need to go to the Christmas tree farm and get a tree, they need to go to the furniture shop and buy some furniture, they need to go to the supermarket and buy some food, they need to go to the hospital and get their baby, they need to go....... "
by this stage I was cracking up, and missed the rest of what he was saying. Does he think when people move into a new house they have to have a baby? Does he think you just rock up at the hospital and pick one, as if shopping for food?

Yesterday after doing a MASSIVE Aldi shop and carrying it all inside I went back to the garage one more time to get my sleeping Ethan from the car. He's so used to being moved while he's sleeping he'll continue to sleep anywhere, no matter how much you move him around. I picked him up, plopped his head on my shoulder and started to navigate the steps from the garage to the deck. I couldn't see my feet though with him there, and tripped on something. We both fell, and I could see that Ethan was about to get his head knocked hard on the doorjam, so to save that I put my elbow out to protect him. I fell almost my full weight, plus his 13kg onto my elbow on a steel doorjam. OH MY GOSH it hurt!!! I dropped the shopping - yes I had two other bags of shopping in my other hand, struggled in the door and put Ethan down on the couch in the studio (still sleeping!) and went to check out the damage. It was that funny-bone pain that makes you just want to throw up. Already is was black, and there was a pretty big lump sticking out. I really thought I'd broken it, but I could still move my arm and fingers, so just popped an icepack on it. It's ok, but geez it's still sore, and today my hand and forearm are just aching. Geez I tell you I am just falling apart.

I scrapped another layout last night. Was meant to be a quick one, but ended up taking all night. Couldn't find the right patterned paper so ended up making some up in photoshop. Will scan and upload later.

Off to bed now. Have one more shoot tomorrow. Normally I'd be 'on holidays' now, but J is comming from Perth to spend Chrissy in Melbourne. And yep, we've turned on the nice Melbourne weather. That shoot on the beach, may just end up being in the studio.

If I'm not back before then, have a great Christmas everyone. Try to remember the REAL gift that Christmas is all about. Hope your time with family and friends is blessed.

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Anonymous said...

Katie......just popped in to see what you have been up to.....What a treasure you have there in Liam...but remember, you and Brett can also take credit there.....give yourselves a pat on the are bringing up two wonderful human beings...with love,time and understanding...and they are now modelling the behaviour you have well done!
Marry Christmas Katie!

Lyn Dwyer