Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another catchup

Seems I'm playing catchup all over the place, and will continue to at least until Christmas.
Lots happening around here. LOTS to catch up on. Can't remember half of what I am supposed to blog, so sure I'll miss a bit. But here goes.

Liam is now SIX! Yes 6 :( We had a fabulous birthday party planned, with jumping castles, and BBQ etc. But his birthday ended up being 'the day with all the rain'. If you are in Melbourne, you will know the day I'm talking about. We got a phone call from the jumping castle people to say the radar was showing gale force winds and torrential rain, so it wasn't safe to have the castle, so they wouldn't deliver it. Which was fine, and as they don't charge unless they deliver, it was no loss really. Except I had to do a 7am google for some pirate games, send Brett to the shops for prizes and props, make lots of things, and send out some SOS phone calls to family who lived near other shops to bring certain items with them. All ended up well, and the kids had a ball. We only played a few games, as they were just so happy to entertain themselves for a while. They loved the pin the treasure on the treasure map, and the canonball game, where they had to throw ballpit balls into the other 'ship' to try and sink it. The ship with the least balls in it, after 2mins, was the winner. They loved this, and although I originally planned on playing it in the garage, time didn't permit setting up in there, so we made do with the family room, and nothing got broken. I was pretty specific with them, about where they could throw balls ;) Liam had a brilliant day. His cake was a treasure map, and instead of frogs in ponds we made sunken treasure, with chocolate coins at the bottom of blue jelly. Yummo :) I think we ended up with about 25 kids - ahhh, I mean, little pirates. It was quite a funny day really as Brett and I both got dressed up (a little) but lots of our neighbours came in the most extravegant pirate outfits. It was hillarious. Especially Big Russ, out newest neighbour, who also happens to be Scottish. He came as a pirate, coplete with kilt. So, so funny!

Now that the days have started getting nicer, Ethan and I have been walking to the shops a bit more. We walk down the road, through some paddocks then along the creek all the way to the shops. There are lots of ducks down at the creek, and they've just had babies! So cute to watch them follow their mummy everywhere.

Work is just INSANE! I've almost booked out February. Ethan is starting childcare an extra day a week, up until Christmas. I just need more time to get through these shoots. I was down to 4 in my pile to edit on Friday, I'm now back up to 7 after another 3 shoots this weekend. And it's like this up until Christmas. Crazy, crazy, crazy... but so very good and I know I am so blessed to have so much business just come to me :)

Crop for kids is getting closer. We had another meeting for it this week. Check out the CFK blog (click the blinkie on the sidebar) to read up on what's happening. Lots of exciting things to come, so make sure you add the blog to your bloglines, as it's just gong to get bigger and better the closer we get to the actual event.

I went scrapping last night! Decided I needed to give myself a night off, and so Leigh and I popped in to Paper2 last night to crop. I got 4 layouts done, which I will share as soon as I have scanned them, along with the ones I did a few weeks ago with Jane and Lisa here.

Liam is starting his appointments for his adenoids. I've just got to wait for his cold to clear up before I can start the next set of testing etc. It almost cleared up, and then came back. Last hearing test he had done was two years ago, and appart from the fact that he's due for another, I don't think the first was all that accurate. While I don't think his hearing is a problem - it's certainly not in everyday life - the last time he had it done, they audiologist report said that he did have pressure in his eardrums, but it was just because he had a cold. So I want to make sure this time he has no colds etc, and we get a more accurate reading.

We have had a MASSIVE Canary Island Date Palm tree put in our front garden. Massive. Like 4m high. Looks beautiful though.

Builder, who said he'd be here within two weeks, still hasn't come. And it's now almost three weeks since then. NOT HAPPY JAN! Bloody pigeons still in the bloody roof! (and that is being nice about it)

My house looks like a tip. Seriously neglected. I need to get off here, and go tidy and clean.

Just over 6 weeks till Christmas. Whoooo, hooooo. Will have to get the tree out soon.


Megan said...

Liam's party sounded like it was fun, even with the crappy weather.
Woo Hoo on all the photoshoots - sounds like you are super busy but think of all that money for the Boxing Day sales!! And scrapping stuff. Hee hee

Look after yourself sweetie

Lyn Dwyer said...

woohoo.....thanks for the L...O...N....G update Katie!PHEW!
Liam's party sounded like a great day.....bummer about the castle...but we have had the same thing with them cancelling the castle at the football club on home games if the weather is going to be awful.Good on you for getting heaps of work....way to go have worked hard for this success girl!
Crop For Kids will be here before we know it.....ooh....the Palm sounds'll have to post a pic.....PLEASE!!!

Lisa said...

Katie - Liam's party souns like a whole barrel full of fun! What a great idea to sink treasure! As for sinking the other pirate ship - it sounds perfect! who needs a jumping castle??
Pity about the builder - you really need a new cat in the neighbourhood!
Please share a piccie of the new palm. If the hole was deep enough to not see the boys - the tree must be HUGE.
Look forward to seeing you latest creations. Lisa

Cass said...

Thanks for the update! Been wondering how you were doing. LOL at the pigeons. If they aren't gone soon there's always pigeon pie for Christmas lunch!

Nat-Mardon said...

Phew!! You HAVE been busy... I want to see some pics from the pirate party though... oh and thanks for the idea of the ball-pit balls for the cannonball game - I have that game on my list but was dreading scrunching up balls of newspaper or something else... I will just have to get some ball-pit balls methinks!!!
Prayers coming your way hun, that you're able to stay on top of the workload and all other things that entail being a workin mumma!
Love ya xx

Jody White said...

Glad the party turned out okay, pity the kids couldn't play on the jumping castle, but glad that it all turned out okay.

We have a pigeon nesting in our garage. Looking forward to them hatching and having them squawking for their food......NOT.

Chrissy said...

How cool that the grown ups got into the whole theme too! Sounds wonderful Katie! Happy birthday wishes to your little one. :-)

Hugs n blessings
Chrissy x