Friday, October 26, 2007

26th October 2001

It's a day etched into my memory forever I think. I spent 9 months telling people this day, when ever they asked "when are you due?"
Six years ago already. I remember wanting those last few days to just hurry up and pass. So sick of being pregnant, not being able to sleep, not being able to move, being starving, but after eating 3 spoons of anything, feeling so full my stomach hurt. The swollen feet, the aching back, you all remember it right? But right now, just for today, six years on, I want to go back to that day just one more time. Feel my little bubba wiggling around inside me. Walking into his nursery just to look at everything. The excitement of knowing that soon, we would have our first little baby in our arms.
Six years ago. Six? Can that be right?
Obviously, he didn't arrive on this day, but it's not too much longer now until his birthday. We're having a pirate party next weekend.
I'm off to organise everything for tomorrow. All organised with the outfit (dressy enough to be a guest at a wedding, practical enough to be the photographer too), cameras, lenses, filters, batteries, reflectors, and all the other bits and pieces, you name it, it's all getting organised and falling into place. Weather is supposed to be 31. Beautiful. The wedding is at Safety Beach, at the new marine. Gorgeous :) Boys are going for a sleep over to nannies.
Back to the to-do list, before I have to go pick up the boys.


jane fitchett said...

good luck! i know you will do really great job


sarah said...

Good luck and i hope you have a wonderful time.


Megan said...

Love the invitation Katie. So cute. hope everything went well at the wedding.

Nat-Mardon said...

The photos so far from the wedding look beautiful!!
And hope you havea great party for Liam - goes too fast huh.. I'm planning a pirate party for Jai who's 7 in 3 weeks time... eek...