Sunday, September 09, 2007

bit of a busy week

Week in review:
Sunday: We'll start with Sunday seeing at it was Fathers day. Brett got a bit of a sleep in, then the boys jumped on him with a bag full of pressies. Lots of wonderful treasures they'd made/bought at school or childcare. Plus a few bits and pieces that we bought for him too. Went off to have breaky at our fave place, and pretty much relaxed the rest of the night away.

Liam had a curriculum day from school and they both had their first big dentist checkup. Liam had a quick check before, but this one was more thorough. It was Ethan's first check. Both got great reviews. Liam went first and Ethan watched him have a ride in the chair. Liam admitted lately that he was a little nervous, but it was ok because we were all right next to him. His report: Perfect teeth, no cavities, great hygene (go electric toothbrushes :) ) Bit of an overbite (like me), and his top left gum has flattened out, meaning his 6YO molar is on its way. He seems to little to be getting his first perminant molar! He's also so excited to know that his bottom front teeth are just starting to get a little wobbly. Still a long way to go before the teeth fall out though.

They both got to pick a pair of sunnies from the funky collection. We had to laugh when Ethan chose heart shaped ones and then put them on upside down. He looked so cute sitting up in the massive dentists chair, but was very good, and followed the dentists instructions really well; opening like a big crocodile, and sticking his tongue out to each side etc. Ethan's report: He has all of his teeth, great hygene, no cavities.

Mummy's report was not so good. I needed one tiny little filling, which they did on the spot. Liam was facinated and had to come in a sit and watch me have my tooth drilled LOL. No needle needed though as it was only tiny. (Not like last years! When I hadn't been to the dentist for about 10 years, and well, lets just say I paid for it, and swore I'd go back every year from then on!)

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: School, swimming lessons, music playgroup etc. Usual stuff.

Saturday: BIG one.
Photographed another of *my babies* Mathilda. She's one now. I'll have some piccies to share later in the week.

After that I got everything together and headed off to Paper2 to crop with Lisa and Leigh. Managed to put together Dad's album. Had all the papers, photos and text, just had to turn that into a complete album... in one night. "Seventy things I love about you" - for his 70th birthday.

While I was gone, there was a bucks night party going on at my house. I wasn't too worried. They are are pretty good group of guys, but you know, you just never know. I got home just after midnight, and everything looked pretty good. Well messy, you know, but not too bad. I was chatting to Tim (the buck) about his wedding photos as I am shooting his wedding in a few more weeks (NERVOUS! OMG!! I don't do weddings!! This will be my third wedding ever LOL) Anyway as I'm standing there chatting to him, his brother came in, and said "Kate, someones in your car, taking stuff! The boys have just chased him down the street" I went out to check and sure enough, (Brett had left my car unlocked!) He'd gone through the glovebox. There wasnt' much in there, maybe some change for parking etc, but I don't even think that, cos I raided it the other day to buy Ethan a cheeseburger. There was the remote to the garage that he missed, even though he pulled it out, with which he could have come back and got in. Oh and to top it off he missed the biggest bit of all.... BRETT HAD LEFT THE KEYS IN THE IGNITION!!!!!! gRRRR. I'm sure we all have things our partners do that drive us nuts, for me it's this. He's always leaving my keys in my ignition! Drives me INSANE. Anyway... back to the "he". I went back inside the house, and I thought one of the guys told me that those who had chased him had come back. I thought maybe it had been the same guys (the 17YO) who pulled out our trees a few months ago. We know where they live, so I jumped in the car and went to see if I could see them out etc. Not that I was going to get out of the car if I found them though. Eventually 10 mintues later - with the long story made shorter - we found out that the original guys from the party who had chased him, had caught him, called the police, who came and tossed him into a divy van. They knew who he was. He also had needles in his pocket! Drugs. They are just crap. It doesn't matter where you live, or what you do, what you believe or how much you are loved, or love your kids... so many people seem to be touched or effected by drugs. It's my absolute biggest fear for my children. It's something I'll pray for everyday. That they never become entangled in that illicit world. It scares the absolute crap out of me.

One thing is for sure. The alarm's on here when we are not home! And Brett's job for this afternoon (he's napping right now! Grrrrr, kept me up till 4.30am, but he gets to sleep the afternoon away!) is to clean out the garage, so we can get our cars back in there.

And backtracking to today:
Woke up, showered etc and Amanda (bride to be) and Tim's brother arrived with garbage bags in hand to clean up. The mess was really not that bad though. Once all the bottles were thrown into the recycle bin, and the BBQ cleaned up, it was pretty much done. The guys were good - having mid night adventures helped I think LOL

I went to pick up the boys from Mum and Dads where they'd had a sleep over, came home, finished off dad's album, and wrapped it up, and headed off to a local winery for lunch. Dad was 70 on 31st August, but we celebrated today. He loved his album :)

And more BIG, exciting and wonderful news from lunch. My brother Justin and his beautiful wife Sharnie, are expecting baby number 2. She's 11 weeks and we are just so excited. You may remember about this time last year they lost their baby at 20 weeks. A little boy. It was so devistating. She's kept it quiet, and had her scans and everything looks wonderful. So, so happy for them. This is one, very much desired baby.


Rowena said...

scary stuff Katie - lucky you didn't have your camera in the car. Glad it all turned out OK.
I'm sure you'll do a fabulous job of the wedding - your photos are stunning;)

Lisa said...

Katie, thanks for the company last night. Scary news about your "visitor" when you got home. I am just really glad that the camera wasn't in sight!! Glad your dad liked the album. It looked stunning. Did he cry? hope you managed to get that last pic today with the whole family.
Cheers, Lisa

Sally said...

Hi Katie,
I just love my photo's of Luke, and so is everyone else. My parents have taken them to work, they are so proud, but you should be getting lots of calls everyone is wanting your card. Thank you again for them. Love Sally

Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh Katie...that's awful to think that you had an intruder in your car.....glad they nabbed'll be fine with the Wedding are such a great photographer...great report on the boys teeth....

janinek said...

Katie, so glad they caught the guy! Fantastic news about your brother and his wife, just the best news. Well done on the album as well, no small feat!