Sunday, August 26, 2007

Some more piccies

From Friday. I just look at these, and am reminded of how much I love where we live.

Growing up I hated teatree, and now I LOVE it! I love this pic of Liam walking through it. He stopped to look at something and I ended up quite a way ahead. These were all taken with my 70-300 zoom (which I also used to hate, and now I love it!) As he caught up to me I asked him what he was looking at and he said he saw a kookaburra. Dang I was too busy taking his pics to notice it too.

This weekend I ended up with two cancellations. I decided not to fill them as I was getting a bit worn out and with sick kids, knew the break would come in handy. We went out to the Comic's Lounge in the city with some of the guys from Brett's work (and wives) on Friday night. I was a bit worried about leaving the boys as they both still had high temps. But Brett's mum had them and she was OK with it all. Saturday we got up early and went out for breaky to our fave breaky spot, but it was nice to not have to entertain anyone, chase around anyone, help anyone else eat their breaky, and even eat our own while it was still warm! Yummy. Following that we headed off to pick up the boys. Came home and I started painting one of the beds. I have piccies, I'll share once they are in the rooms. One of them is now fully painted, and I'll get Brett to assemble it and bring it in tomorrow. I think I'll put that in Ethan's room, and then start on Liam's bed once I have the next photo shoot finished. I'm happy with how it's come up so far... but I'm yet to see it all together and in place.

We also went plant shopping today, and Brett put in another garden bed... in a shady area, so we went for all shade loving plants. And he bought me a 1/2 wine barrel and potted up a herb garden on the deck.

Brett went out again last night to a friends birthday. We were both supposed to go and the boys were supposed to go to my mums, but I didn't want to leave them again, so I stayed home with my little chickens tucked under my wings ;) I ended up with both of them in with me. Ethan on his little 'camp bed' and Liam in bed next to me. I got NO sleep. Between Liam snoring cos he's all congested, burning up and needing more meds through the night, and Ethan just cracking the poops at his blanket every 10 minutes it was crazy. Ethan's decided he likes his blanket tucked under his feet at night. Then he moves, and it comes out, so he cracks it. I tell you that little monkey needs to learn he's not the boss of the entire house! LOL Oh, 2YO's!


Nic Wood said...

Beautiful photos Katie. Hope your little men are both feeling better!

Nic xxx

Nat-Mardon said...

What stunning photos Katie!!

Praying for healing for your little ones :)

Lyn Dwyer said...

great pics of Liam Katie......I'm booked in to a SLR DAY at SS in Sept........might actually learn how to not have to use Auto....LOL!

shirls said...

Wow! That's a great location. Those photos are just stunning. Do you mind me asking where abouts that is? Thanks:)