Thursday, July 12, 2007

What is with people?

Haven't had much time to blog these holidays. Having too much fun with my kiddos... and getting tax stuff done when I'm not. I did just join Curves though. LOVE it. Yep, me, who hates the idea of exercising infront of anyone... loves Curves. And it's so quick. And it's ok for my crappy pelvis :)

Anyway, my boys are having a litte play date with their nanny and pa, and cousins at the play centre. I just dropped them off and went to Curves, home now to finish off my DT layout, and then back to pick them up. But... while dropping them off, I had another crappy thing happen. Maybe it's just me, but geez I'm finding people RUDE lately! A combination of school holidays and sales seems to have turned woman all over Melbourne into crazy people. Well, OK, two people... one in Karingal, the other in Mornington.

First up, last week. Liam had been saving his money, and really wanted some little Cars diecast cars. Aidan was here for a play and we had to take him back to Langwarrin, which is right near Karingal Hub, so I told him we could go to Big W and buy two. So we trott off happily and after roaming around the toy section for 10 minutes we finally find the second Cars section, with the little cars in it. Liam is still in the previous isle, so I call out to him that I've found them, and he runs straight to me. Together we stand right infront of them while he decides which one he wants. The next thing we know this *woman* comes up, and rams her trolly between us and the shelf (we had to step back!) and starts grabbing boxes of them and putting them in her trolly. Box after box she just keeps clearing the shelf. Liam's at my side and says "mummy, why's that lady taking them all?" I'm speachless! It was so obvious that that is what we were looking at. She doesn't bat an eyelid, and just keeps on clearing the shelf. Suddenly I realise I'd better just grab something, so I just put my arm out and grab anything (thankfully it was one of the ones he wanted). Again Liam, almost in tears now says "mummy, why's that lady taking aaaalllllllll of them?". Then it happened. The beast in me rose. How dare someone be so rude, and upset my child! So I mutter (it really was quietly) to Liam, "because she's rude" To which, and also to my absolute horror, she turns to me, (while still grabbing boxes and putting them in her trolly) and says "I'm not rude, I'm just getting what I can". So (again we'll blame it on that inner beast) the beast (me) replies "well that would depend on your definition of rude, wouldn't it". With that she removed THE LAST BOX from the shelf and put it in her trolly and walked away. I kid you not, she had like 15 boxes in her trolly! Some of them were two and three of the same thing! So we decide to cut our losses, get outda here! and we'll go to Target tomorrow. I went and grabbed some washing powder, then realised, that maybe there were more of the cars up on the capping, so we go back to check. There wasn't. As we start to walk out of the isle, the *woman* turns in, and puts 8 boxes back on the shelf! She didn't even want them! She just wanted to get them all to herself so she could check in her own time which ones she really wanted. I tell you what I'd rather pay three times the price, than go to toy sales. I didn't even realise the sale was on when we decided to go. And the cars, yes they were one sale. You could save a hole $1. Yipee. I felt so bad about the confrontation all the way home. Got home and was still stewing about it. But I know 100% if the rolls were reversed I would never have done that. Even if I wanted every one of them, I KNOW that I would have stopped and asked the little boy next to me which one he wanted.

Then, this morning. I'm waiting in line at the play centre. It's packed. Really packed. Now I know why everyone always says don't go during the holidays. There's a girl infront of me, she's waving and chatting with a group of girls on a large table. They've got a seat for her etc... I look around, there is one little table left in the whole place. I think *bonus* we'll be able to get that one. It's not even for me. I'm dropping off. It's for my mum and dad. They are in their 60's. Dad's 70 in a few weeks! (whooo go DAD!) anyway, the next thing I know the woman behind me in the line, tells her child to go in (now) and grab that table, while she waits in line to pay! What the? What is with people!?! That beast inside of me just wants to scream "wait your bloody turn!" But I can't do that. So I come here and whinge instead LOL

OK, off to pick them up. Seems I spent too long complaining, and didn't finish off that layout after all. Will do it this afternoon/tonight :) Promise.


Nat-Mardon said...

Talk about rude alright! I think I would have been jsut as shocked as you at that woman in Big W... and with a child there - I wouldn't even behave like that if there weren't any kids around!! This self-centred world huh...

Hope you don't meet any other rude ppl this week Katie!

Jasmine said...

I would've done the same thing Katie - as Nat said people are so self-centred and materialistic these days. No doubt the rude woman is going to sell them all on ebay for 10 times the price.

Sounds like you've been having fun over the holidays apart from that :) I saw them doing coloured ice cube paintings on Play School the other day - what a great idea huh!

Megan said...

How rude. Can't believe the gall of some people.
Good for you for standing up to her. It's good to let that inner beast out sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I agree sales really do bring out some rude people. I've witnessed similar behaviours and it's amazing how rude and selfish some parents are.

I think you need to let that beast inside of you out more often Katie. There's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself (or your child).

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrap Pile.

Sarah M said...

Hi Chick,

I know about those CARS big time. They are HOT property on EBAY right now. Unfortunately she is desperate to make money from them and couldn't care less who she hurt in the process. I had a similar problem at Christmas with those cars only it was the STAFF ripping them from the boxes and all i wanted to do was complete Harry's set.

Some people are plain selfish and i am so sorry that this happened to little Liam. Poor thing. I hope you managed to find some more.

Enjoy what is left of the holidays

Take care

janine kaye said...

poor liam..i hope he ended up with a car after all that!
i joined curves last week too..seems great minds think alike..LOL!

Lisa Le-Ray said...

omg people are crazy! lol! What's up with people! *crazy* I hope Liam got his cars in the end.

LaurenC said...

It's not just the women but the men too. I recently had a flat tyre. It was a puncture with a slow leak and when I stopped to get fuel another man pointed it out to me thankfully.

So I went over to the air thingy and inflated it so it would fit properly back in the boot then started to change it. Another driver who needed the air thing parked his car past mine and used the extra long hose to do what he needed and then left.

Another guy pulled in and sat waiting for me. He watched me finish changing the tyre and watched me pack it away. Then when I walked past him to go and wash my hands he said to me in the rudest woice he could muster. "Are you done yet?"

I could have played the poor little girl card and waited for the NRMA. But I did it myself and quite quickly too because I can, yet he still felt the need to hassle me about it. Some people just can't help themselves.

I too made a comment on my way back past him about how impatient he was. That got me a dirty glare so I made him wait a bit longer. :)

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie......good on you for allowing that inner self to come through....nothing wrong with telling others that you don't approve of how they do fact....we need to tell these sort of people more often......then they may change their ways.....Liam also witnessed something that I'm sure you discussed with him ......he obviously wondered why the lady was acting this that was a good opportuntity for you to explain.
So glad that you have spent some valuable time though with your kids thses holidays.......

Karen L said...

It is so sad that people in todays world are only interested in looking out for themselves. What has happened to thinking of others, sharing and showing kindness. Good on you Katie for letting these people know that their behaviour is not acceptable. Even a child recognizes that this is bad behaviour. The sad part about it, is that the rudeness is shown by adults, - what does that teach the children of today who will become the adults of tomorrow.
The thought is scary.