Monday, July 02, 2007

Some layouts from Saturday night

this one is the missing one from the weekend away. I scanned it before I finished it though, on the orange strip at the top is now has the words "to me"


Jody said...

Oh your poor thing, you must have felt exhausted, hope Ethan is feeling better, and your body clock is back on track. (says me...its 1.00am while I'm posting this comment).

Love the layouts as usual, and lovin the tags (thanks for mine).

I loved your concrete floors as they were, I'm sure they would be even better once they were glossed and finished. I have timber floors and I love the look of them (when they are clean) they get dirty and dusty too easily though, especially in the dry weather. Not sure about tiles, I just hate cleaning the grout. Good luck with whatever decision you make. I'm sure it will lovely with whatever choice you make.

miss~nance said...

Fabulous LO's.