Sunday, July 01, 2007


What a day! After not getting into bed until after 2.30am, I was woken by Ethan just before 5am... throwing up in our bed! Eeeeewwwwww! (sorry Jess). So while DH got in the shower with him, I stripped off the bed, changed sheets etc (soooo glad we went for a waterproofy mattress protector when we got our new bed!) My washing machine and dryer were on their third loads for the morning. By the time we were all cleaned up it was 6am, we were all wide awake, and didn't really see the point in going back to bed. Hmmm two and a bit hours sleep. So we pottered around, made breakfast etc then a 7.30, just as Liam was getting up, we both decided we were buggered after all, and did want to go back to bed. So we kinda tag teamed (which means *I* stay awake during my shift... and DH sleeps during his) until I got up at 10.30. And as for that hubby of mine. Well he surfaced at 2.30! What a waste of a day for him LOL. Feeling a bit cabin feaverish after being home with sick kids all week, so we packed everyone into the car and headed off to Brett's sisters to pick up one of our trestle tables. Ended up having dinner there, which was a delish roast chicken. YUM! We were also planning a roast, so ours is still in the fridge, and Sal and Dave are comming over tomorrow night to share ours :)

Once we got home we got the boys off to bed, and I've just began stage two of the study clear out. I've put the trestle table in here to scrap at, so the computer desk is one one side... the work side, and the scrapping stuff is on the other side. We'll probably be doing our study this year, so hopefully this will help me decide how many desks/work spaces I want etc. We also looked into (again) getting our floor grinded back and high gloss polished. We have debated for three years now whether to go wood (my choice), tiles (Brett's choice) or polished concrete (both of us love this one). We were going to have a sample area done at the start of last year, then changed our minds. But I do love having a concrete floor (at the moment it's sealed with a beigy/creamy colour). We are planning on having it ground back a few mm's to the raw concrete, and hopefully a bit of the agregate will show through, then putting a high gloss sealer over the top. I know it's not a look for everyone, but it will suit our house. Everyone that comes here seems to love it as it is, and when we tell them it's just temporary while we make up our minds on what we want, the all seem to say that they'd leave it like it is. I know it's temporary though, and it bugs me some days. Hmmmm will probably change our minds again, but it will be cool to have a patch test done (they'll do it in our wardrobe probably), and at least we can see how it will come out. I love something a little different. And just incase anyone was wondering, as it seems to be the first question anyone asks... no our floor is not really very cold. It gets cold close to the windows at night, but our slab is very thick, and we do tend to wear slippers inside most of the time. It's not much different to the tiles we had in our last house, and we have a big thick rug in our family room where the kids play. It's easy to clean (when the sealer is fresh anyway, ours was only put on thin and is wearing a bit thinner now), it doesn't damage, and the best bit - there is NO GROUT! On the downside... drop anything, and consider it smashed.

I have a few more layouts to share from last night. Will scan them tomorrow. Until then, here is a little sneaky peek of the latest shoot to be uploaded into the photoblog. This is little Emily, and she was one of my very first clients. It was so nice to see her again, and this time with her little sister Hannah. Such a beautiful family.

Click here to see more from this shoot.

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