Friday, June 29, 2007

The rest of them.

I've been sitting here trying to work out where number 13 is... then I remembered - it's in Carolyne's album LOL I raided her photobox for a girly photo... then I had to raid her stash too, becasue I didn't have ANY girly colours. Actually I didn't have any extra stash! I pre-planned all my layouts and only took the stuff I needed with me. I'll add a pic of my stuff ready to go at the bottom. That's how I got 13 layouts done in one weekend. I think I'm still missing one. I know I took 11, did an extra one, plus did one of C's. Hmmm will have to have a bit of a look.
These photos have been in my stash since the start of the year... finally got around to scrapping them. So not the colours I had in mind originally, but ya'll know I love orange :)

Some of the 'every day' photos I've been trying to make the effort to take. Ethan snuck off one morning while Liam was still eating his breakfast, and had a play in Liam's room... with the big boy toys. Perfect everyday snap LOL Note the birdsnest, and vegemite face... I didn't even attempt to edit them out LOL Used the last of my Crate Paper scraps. I LOVE Crate.
My fave from the whole weekend. The only one I didn't take the stuff for. Bought the paper on our little shopping trip to Paper2, and during a quick stop at home on the way to P2, I ran in to grab some more stash... only to come back out with two packs of thickers! At least I used them.

All ready to go:
They didn't take up much room in my little tote. Fitted everything else in my Sofi-Tote. (LOVE my Sofi-Tote)
Sunday morning's gallery :) Couldn't fit it all in. Only took the 50mm lens with me.


Yvette Adams said...

These are all gorgeous. I'm so impressed with how many you did!

Anonymous said...

i'm still so envious how you can just whip these up and to do it in front of me is very rude!!!!! i loved spending the whole weekend with you and just creating and being girls. when's our next one???? Carolyne

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! i was actually able to leave a comment - this little c'puter hasn't let me do that for months. now you won't be able to get rid of me-LOL!!!!

Nic Wood said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing your work Katie, an these are no exception. THey are all gorgeous....cant believe you got all that done in one week.

Nic xxx

Sofi said...

You really look like you were very productive Katie! Love all your layouts.

I'm gald you're enjoying the tote too!