Sunday, June 17, 2007

new printer... and a reminder

I just went and bought a new printer... so now I have to clean up my office and desk so I can put it in here (and tell myself one more time that I'll never let it get that dirty again rofl). Then I can give it a whirl and try it out... just in time for my scrapping weekend next week with some of my favourite girls! YAY :)

And my little reminder...
Last night Brett wanted to see the pics of his old boat. I told him they were in the photo album, and there were also some scrapbooked pages in the storage cupboards in the laundry. That's where my OLDER albums live. They were taking up too much room in my office. Anyway, being a man (and a wonderful man he is and all) he had a man look, not a woman look and came back about an hour later saying he couldn't find them. So off I trotted, opened the door and there they were. But while I was there I thought I'd look for the scrapped layouts with it. So I opened one album, leafed through the pages, stopped and laughed at the stories, marvelled how much my big boy has grown, how soft, long and WHITE his hair used to be. That my skinny kid once was a tiny bit chubby. So an hour later I went back to Brett, handed him the photos of his boat, and told him I was sorry, I got distracted looking through all the old albums. He said "why do you think I was in there for an hour!" He did the same thing. It was so good to look back through them. The way I scrapped was so different back then. Every page had a story. Not just journalling, not just "i love you, i think you are the best kid, I am blessed to have you." Sure that is all important, but I don't think I need to be putting that on every pages. Where they were little it was easy to tell the stories. There were always milestones being reached. There were always funny new quirks and things he was comming out with. I need to do that more. In the begining I wasn't interested in photography, but I snapped photos every day. Photos of him doing every day stuff. Now I think I can't take a pic here, the light is not good enough, or your hair is a mess, or you've still got your PJ's on, or... wait for it... your clothes don't match your brothers! OMG!!! What has happened to me LOL. I haven't submitted a page for probably over a year now, no one really is going to see my layouts except for us. So my little reminder to myself today - GET OVER YOURSELF! rofl.

So with my new printer, I'm off to print up some crappy/funny/everyday photos, scribble down the funny stories while I still remember them, and plan some layouts for next weekend. So next week... expect a share of crappy layouts. You may not think much of them. They may not be all too inspiring. But they are sure to bring back the moments and let us relive these wonderful years with our amazing little boys... and in years to come, hopefully we'll still get sidetracked for hours when we stumble across the old albums.

Off to clean this desk/office. I may be a while! Sarah knows what I mean... so does Jane ;)


jane fitchett said...

must have been the night for it- i did the same thing with mine. Im glad i scrapbook:)

finished that desk yet? maybe in a couple of weeks


Lyn Dwyer said...'s funny how we react when we revisit our older albums....I went through mine this past week looking for a childhood photo for an on-line group I'm in and I too got sidetracked reliving old pages and remembering the stories behind the pics.
I do recall your fabulous stories you wrote early on....remember the letter tiles, ribbons and chatterbox papers........oh yes.....I remember girl! AND orange was a favourite colour of yours....

Tanya said...

Katie, it was just today that I came across one of your layouts in a SBM mag from awhile ago & realized how much I miss seeing your work, I just love what you do:o) & I wouldn't call any of your lo's crappy....good luck with your new printer hope all goes well & I will look forward to seeing what you create over the weekend...have fun & take care,

kathie said...

I'm with you on the importance of the story. Even now, the LOs that draw me back are the ones from Jamie's early days, where I wrote about what was happening. I would have forgotten all that now, if it were't for scrapping. Hopefully one day DH will get a chance to sit still long enough to read through some of my albums and finally appreciate why I do what I do. It would be lovely to hear him say something positive about this hobby.
And, you know what? Sometimes those layouts that you just do without trying are the best ones. I have yet to see you make a crappy LO.

Lusi :) said...

Hi Katie! Long time no *see* hey! Your layouts AND photography are just always so bautiful!
Much love to you :)
Lus x

Yvette Adams said...

Oh that's gorgeous. :) Well I'll be looking forward to seeing some "crappy" layouts.
Love the "man-look" too. lol

Jody said...

Crappy Layouts!!!!! Well I think you saw mine that time we had a crop session at my place....too funny.

The other day when I got my Creating Keepsakes mag, there were two old My Reflections included with the purchase. Normally I just turf them in the bin, but I thought I would have a flick through. As I was going through there was a layout from the one and only Katie Toland, and yes I will admit your style has definately changed, however, your layout stood out more than the rest of them.

Cant wait to see your "crappy" layouts.

Felicity said...

Katie you dont do "Crappy layouts" but I do totally agree sometimes we get a bit lost in the photo, papers etc and forget about the story behind the photo. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

Mardi said...

I couldnt agree more Katie...its the stories that are important...and Im sure you will create some amazing layouts...with a story...and we will all love them...I dont think Katie does crappy ever...
Mardi x