Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It all happens at once.

The good stuff and the bad it seems. You know how it is. You get on a roll, and good stuff keeps happening. On the other hand, you get on the wrong side of the roll, and it's just one thing after another. I'm having one of those at the moment. You know how it is. I'm sure it happens to everyone. All the bills come in at once, not just the 'usual' ones, but the extras... in our family we've had a few of those, between operations, dental specialists, camera issues... and today - my printer just decided to pack it in. Great. I'm also trying very hard to find something for work, and the only place I seem to be able to get it from in the right size and colour is the US. It'll cost US$80 which is so much cheaper than it would cost here... but the shipping is over $200! Oh dear... might have to wait a bit longer for that one. Anyone going to US? LOL Oh may as well laugh, what else can ya do huh. It'll pass, and the good roll will come back. Hopefully soon. I'm dreading opening the letterbox at the moment LOL.

I have proofs already to send out... just cant print up the necessary paperwork/packaging etc.

Here's one good thing though:
Very exciting news:
It's been hard to sit on this news and not say anything LOL:
And I've had LOTS of fun with this:

Yes, between Jane, and digi diva Vita Thai, this adorable digi kit is available for download. It's the perfect top off to the wonderful ceramic embellishments.

Check out Crafty Matters for more details.

I used parts of four of the papers to create my own background, before printing it directly onto white Bazzill (benefits of being an A4 scrapper), then printed out the journalling and date blocks and adding them over the frame/photo.

I LOVE this kit. It's always great to find fabulous boyish products... unfortunatly it's not always so easy! Well done Jane and Vita. You guys know how much I love this.


leanne stamatellos said...

Absolutely loved the train track photos with Ethan - these are just gorgeous.

Hope everything else sorts itself out soon.

Looking forward to seeing you and the girls in 'not such a long time'.

Lyn Dwyer said...

Hope things improve for you Katie.....it's awful when those unexpected bills come in out of the blue.......but that's great news about Jane and going Digi.......exciting times.....they are so lucky to have you on their DT!
Love your layout.....

Sarah M said...

Oh Dear,
Now i fell even worse about asking about your printer last week. Bugger Katie. I know all to well about those unexpected things that just pop p, drives me nuts really. you think you are finally on top of things then BAM, thanks Mr Postie....

Hope things get a bit better for you
Take care

welcome to my world said...

hay katie

love the LO it is so cute.
Denise quaif is going to the US in july i think ill give you her email address
you remember her from CTYD don't you?
Good luck with it all