Tuesday, April 03, 2007

School holidays #1

I was going to be a really good blogger over the next two weeks. I was planning of making at least 10 entries, with all the fun things we did over the holidays... I've left the camera in the car, and am too buggered to go out to the garage and get it. Will tomorrow be OK for photos?

So, day one of the school holidays.
We visited the play centre for Cassidy's birthday party :) That was an easy day, I didn't have to do all that much to entertain the boys at all. The boys had a ball, Ethan ran and laughed until he cried and needed to sleep. Liam loved catching up with all his school buddies. We even ran into Kailen, his friend from kinder last year.
Here's a piccie of the canvas I made for Cassidy. Both my boys have these, and they are brilliant for keeping their school/childcare creations in one place. Crappyish photo - sorry.
Canvas size is 45x60cm

I spent most of the afternoon running around getting things organised/printed for Good Friday.

Tomorrow we have fun plans too. But I'll leave that until tomorrows entry.

Reminder, if you want a photo sitting and want to help The Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday Appeal, check out the last post, or email me :)


janinek said...

Katie, you NEED to make a trip to Adelaide in August!! LOL!! I'm sure you do!! Then you can take some beautiful baby pictures for me! What, ulteria motives????

Nic Wood said...

LOL Janine, I think she should come in Sept for the retreat, and then take photos of all our kidlets!!!

Bring on all the school holidat posts Katie...we have another week before ours start, you might get me all inspired to do some fun things with my seet little (???!!!???) boys!

Nic xxx

PS hope all goes really well on Friday!
Wish I was close enough to come along.

KimA said...

Katie - gorgeous photos - how do you get them so white (is that the work I am looking for - maybe it is clear and the colours so sharp0? so you use a special filter? or do you do something to then in photoshop. I also wanted to say thanks for the photos that you took at the Scrap-Pile get together. They are awesome and I can't wait to scrap them.

Kim :)