Friday, April 20, 2007

Officially a lemon!

So it's official. My camera has officially been called a lemon. Apparently, problems like my camera is giving have never been seen before in it's model. EVER. So, I have myself a nice ripe lemon!!!

As you are probably aware, my shutter started locking up before Christmas. I sent it in to the authorised Nikon dealer, they checked it are replaced the shutter. It was just out of warranty, so I paid for it. $350! After all that running around and drama, I thought I had it back in my hot little hands, good as new.

Until SIX WEEKS later, when again the shutter started locking. I went a little narnies at the service centre, and Nikon, (who I must say have been DISGUSTING with their customer service!)

Short story, I demanded a loan camera while they again checked mine. That's been great.

They've just called to tell me I need a new sequence motor, Aperture control, and SQ base plate. NICE! After 10,000 shutter releases! DISGUSTING!!!!!

On the up side Camera Clinic passed on my little tantie to Nikon, and added a little more of their own, and I'm getting it replaced under warranty. Well Hmmmm, so I should! But Mr Nikon, Mrs Nikon and the other 5 people I have been calling and sending emails to for the past month... REPLYING WOULD BE NICE!

Last chance Nikon. Any more crap, and I'm jumping ship!

On the upside, I have a Texas Sheet Cake cooking in the oven :) YUM


welcome to my world said...

ok katie am i the only one who doesn't know what a TEXAS SHEET CAKE is?
Stay strong with mr and mrs nicon.

jane fitchett said...

do you get to upgrade your replacement camera- hasnt the d50 been superseded? glad they have done something about it:)
..and what the heck is a texas sheet cake??????

Lyn Dwyer said...

I want to know what it is too Katie.......sounds interesting.....

steph devlin said...

That camera sounds like it seriously sucks. Sorry to hear the poor little thing has been labelled a lemon.

OK Im going to join the list.

What the heck is a Texas Sheet Cake.

We expect a photo.

Steph xo

PS Fantastic news about the Crop for Kids.

kathie said...

I dont' know what a Texas Sheet Cake is either. I think you're making it up ;)

Grrr, don't talk to me about Nikons. Ours is just back from their service centre because it started taking pink photos. At least it got fixed for free. It was a fault with that particular model.