Friday, February 23, 2007

Speech stuff

Monday I have an appointment with a speechy at Liam's school. That's great news as I was worried (as I am sure I have mentioned) about how they prioritise the kids. In schools they take the worst kids first - those needing the greatest amount of assistance with their speech. As we've worked hard on Liam's speech for the past year now, he has improved A LOT! He's now about 80% done with it. Only has a few blends to learn, and it's just a case of those sounds he knows becomming habbit. But, I was concerned that because he has come so far, his assessments would show up as not needing so much help, and therefore, putting him as a low priority, and he'd never actually complete his speech therapy, and all the hard work he has put in so far would be forgotten. Anyway, I'll know more on Monday, but it looks good so far. His last speechy did put his papers through as a high priority, because he has a tendency for disfluency, and a predisposition to stuttering. Although since kinder finished up, he has not shown any disfluency, even since starting school.

Tomorrow I'm scrapping with the Scrap Pile girls :) Yet to pack or organise anything, and still have to work out directions.

Then next weekend is the Scrapanalia retreat! Wanted to mention to anyone doing my class: The layout is a 12x12 and Jess has mentioned that you will need a 7x5 photo. Anyone wanting to adapt the page to an 8.5x11, a 6x4 photo will be perfect.

OK off to have dinner with the famiy :)

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