Friday, February 09, 2007

First day run down.

The first of MANY school lunches! Over the holidays I did quite a bit of baking and stacked the freezer full on mini muffins and little treats. Today he had hedgehog naughts and crosses... or hugs and kisses. I just made up the hedgehog recipe, but processed up the bicky crumbs quite fine, and instead of setting it in a slice tin, used some Ikea ice trays instead. That's his little treat to eat after his sandwich, grapes and yoghurt. It all packed together, along with some icepacks and bottle of water, into his Spiderman insulated lunch bag.

I was up early, and got ready before waking him. As he ate his breaky I gathered up his uniform and put it out for him. Usually I have to nag and nag, for him to get dressed, but this morning, I turned around and there he was. All dressed in his uniform. Looking very proud, and very old! As the time came to head to the car, he could not control the excitement! I tried to get him to stand still for the compolsary first day of school photo, but he just kept bouncing around. I did my best ;)

We picked up Brett on the way, and on our arrival at school located his locker. He got a scooter on his picture, which he thinks is pretty cool.

Into his classroom. He was greeted by his teacher Monica, and although he clung pretty close to my leg for the first few minutes we soon found an activity he wanted to try. I felt right at home too, as almost everyone had their cameras out.

Ethan wanted to join in too. I think he'd like to go to school right now!

When the time came for us to leave... about 10-15 minutes after we arrived, he happily said goodbye to us. I dropped Brett back at work, did some grocery shopping and headed back to pick him up. He was very happy to see me, but as we made our way back through the playground to the carpark he said "mummy?"
"I didn't want you to come and get me yet!"

I guess that's a good sign that he likes school. He had also been asking to have a sleepover at nanny and poppy's and we told him sleep overs have to be on Friday or Saturday nights now. Friday afternoon, after school we headed home. Poppy came over to pick him up. I was helping him pack his bag and he said, "I have to pack my school uniform!" He was quite disapointed that there is no school on Saturdays or Sundays. He's also VERY impressed that he can tell Aidan that he goes to big school. "One day Aidan, when you are big like me, you'll be able to go to big school too. For now, you have to go to kinder". LOL, there is only 6mths between them, but they are different sides of the cutoff. Because we have held Liam back though, to do pre-prep this year, they will actually be in the same year level as of next year.

For the first week (Thurs and Fri only) hours were 9.30-12.30, and also for the following week (this week). Next week we start full days :) Bring on next Friday! I'll be child free from 9-3! Whoooo Hoooooooo! Really, I do love them... but wow, what a treat!


Cheryl said...

Liam looks so grown up and smart in his uniform :)
Love the look of those little treats, so different in their O & X shapes.
You really are a SUPER mom, Katie I don't know how you do it all .
You won't know what to first with your time alone. LOL's

Jess said...

That cannot be Liam! How did he grow up that quick? He looks so big!


Lyn Dwyer said...

Oh lovely that Brett and you took him to school! He will remember that for year to come!
Love your lunch box treats!
...and how grown up LIAM IS!
So glad he had a good time....the first year can make or break a it's great that he likes school and wants to go.

Sofi p said...

So glad to hear that Liam is really enjoying school, Katie. He looks like he has really grown overnight.

Bethany is so precious. Can't help but feel clucky seing such a gorgeous photo of her. Can't wait to see how you scrap the photo.

kathie said...

Look at him! What a little sweetie. But such a grown up sweetie. I'm so glad that he took to school so well, Katie.

Lydell Quin said...

Oh yes child free is fantastic! I am just imagining.....My DS just started two days a week at Kindy, but i Still have DD, but that is 1/2 the kids!!! Feels good once you get past the "My baby is growing up" feeling!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Oh Katie I know what you mean when you say your child puts on their school uniform and it makes them look older. It's incrediable how that happens, isn't it.

I remember when my daughter Amanda first went to school and I was convinced her uniform made her look a lot older than she really was. Kids seem to grow up way too quickly these days.

I'm very happy he enjoys school. That's wonderful. I'm sure he will thrive and have a great time learning new things.

I'm very impressed with your baking skills. Those little X and O treats look delicious and oh so cute too. Your a very clever mum:)

Am loving these new layouts. Your talents never stop amazing me. Everything I see of yours is so inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for always sharing so much of your work.

Have a great week end, keep smiling and take care xxoo

Megan said...

Oh Katie he looks so cute in his uniform and soo happy. Loving the funky hair too. And that lunch. Man I need to get some 'mum' tips from you. What an awesome chick you are.