Thursday, January 25, 2007

Back in my hot little hands

Gosh, what an effort it's been to get my camera back! As I mentioned I had to move a shoot from last saturday, to an earlier date, which left me a free day. I was going to book it, but when I realised I needed to get my camera looked at, that was my only free day until March as I am booked out until then. So.... it was all organised that I would send it up to Collingwood which I did, and they would have it back to me by Wednesday. Monday I got a phone call from them, regarding the warranty/payment etc. It was all being finalised and I'd have it back by Wednesday easily, although they were going to call me when it was actually completed for my credit card details. So Tuesday came and almost went. For me to have the camera back by Wednesday they would need to be getting it on the courier Tuesday afternoon, and I still hadn't heard from them. So I called. After 10 minutes on hold I got the "I'll call you back in five minutes". Five minutes came and went, as did the rest of the night! By the time I called back they had obviously left for the night. Wednesday I called - (I'd moved the Wednesday night sitting I had booked by now as I knew it wasn't going to be back in time!), and again after being on hold for at least 10 minutes they returned to the phone to tell me it was on the technicians desk. He hasn't been in today. It hasn't been started yet!!!!!!!!!! I was supposed to have it back!!!!! She promised she'd get them to do it at 7.30am this morning when they came in, but 'she' wasn't going to be in, but would pass the message on to the other receptionist. Yeah, I knew what was going to happen there! So at 7.35am this morning I called again. Told them I would be up there at 12.00 to collect it. Packed lots of snacks and toys, drove to Brett's work to swap cars, strapped the kiddos in, headed off to mums (there was no way I was driving to Collingwood on my own!) and we headed off. Mum is good with the city. Knows her way around, even though it's been years since they lived/worked up that way, and there have been big road changes. We still managed to find our way. Cruising round the back streets of Collingwood, mum giving me directions constantly, I had to tell her that if she wasn't with me, it would be about now that I'd just pull over and cry LOL. So, we found it :) I got it :) I had to pay for it :( I pointed out to them that they could deduct the cost of the courier off the bill!

My baby is home. All is looking good :)

My boys did so well in the car for so long. They both slept part of the way, then ate, then played with numerous activities. Liam's favourite bit... blowing bubbles in the car :) Kept Ethan occupied too, cos he blew them to Ethan.

Now I'm sketching up a treasure map of our back garden. I've promised Liam he can dress up like a pirate tomorrow and hunt for treasure in the garden. I'm hoping I can get some of those gold chocolate coins to hide. Need to head to the shop soon, just have to wait for Brett to come home.

Have scrapping I need to get done. Have photo shoots I need to get stuck into... although I am catching up.

Also noticed my counter has jumped about 400 hits in the past few days! What's with that?


Lyn Dwyer said...

Glad you have your camera back safe and sound Katie. I must admit I hate driving into the city also...I avoid it if I can!
The treasure hunt sounds like fun!

kathie said...

Glad you got your camera back. What a hassle. Still, we're still waiting for one on Ebay that Phil bought back on 12/12!!!! He's put in a complaint. I don't think we're ever gonna see it.
The treasure hunt sounds like great fun! Wish I could join in.
Can't help with the 400 visits. You're popular! Does your counter give you stats on who/wherefrom etc?

cheryl said...

Hi Kate,
First time commenting on your blog though I pop in every now & then to read it as I always find your writing highly entertaining, you write sooo well.
Glad you have your camera back, sometimes you just have to jump up & down to get anything done, KWIM.
I can see some great photo opportunities ahead with the treasure hunt :) all children love to look for hidden treasure and they all seem to love dressing up.
You seem to be one very busy Mumma, Kate, I don't know where you find the time to do half of what you do.
Cheers, Cheryl ( cherrybob)

Cass said...

Hooray for your 'baby' being home safe and sound. :)
The treasure hunt sounds like fun. Can I come play at your house?
As for the visit counter, you must just be a popular girl!
Have a great Australia Day!

Sofi p said...

Katie, glad you have your "baby" back.

I'm catching up on everyone's blogs.... Benson sounds like such a perfect pet. I had two rabbits, growing up. Both were grey/white.

Nat-Mardon said...

Glad to hear you got your baby back Katie! Not so good that they stuffed you around a bit though, and you had to drive up there - businesses just don't really care about client's urgencies sometimes do they!!

400 hits! Cool. I still can't work out how to see how many hits I'm getting - can you email me how pretty pleeeease??

Man, you are SUCH a GOOOOOD MUM!!! You put so much effort into everything you do with your kids!! Puts me to shame!

Leanne Stamatellos said...

the 400 on your counter is just me katie - you know I'm obsessed with your layouts - LOL!!