Thursday, November 23, 2006

He's starting to warm to it...

Ever since Liam was tiny, we'd drive past the local primary school and tell him that is where he'd go when he was bigger. As he made friends at kinder they'd sometimes travel in the same car, both pointing out the school they'd go to next. Sometimes he'd go and play with some kinder friends and they'd all walk to the school to pick up older brothers/sisters. So when we had to start telling him "not yet", and explaining that he'd be going to a different school, when he knew all his friends were going to the original school, it was HARD! He didn't like it, and didn't understand why.

We've now been to three orientation days at his new school. Each time he clung to me like velcro! Seriously, to sit 1 metre away from him I had to tear him off my leg, and promise over and over that I would NOT LEAVE THIS ROOM WITHOUT HIM! It's hard for him. He loves his kinder friends, and knows no-one in his new class yet. I keep trying to tell him that it's good, cos he'll be able to make new friends and then he'll have even more friends. So yesterday we had the third orientation visit. After about 15 minutes we (the mums) were told (encouraged) to leave the room and go to an information morning across the hall. It broke my heart to hear him pleading with me, please don't leave me mummy. I had a chat to his teacher (who is just beautiful!) and she took him under her wing and I left. I listened, but I didn't hear any crying, so that was good. Halfway through the information chat I looked out the window and saw his whole class walking hand in hand in pairs around the school with their teacher leading, and teachers aid following. He was holding hands with another little boy, and looked happy. After the information morning had finished I went and bought his uniform. While I was waiting I looked out a window and saw him swinging on the monkeybars in the preps playground. And he was busy chatting to someone, although I couldn't see who. As I came out of the uniform shop I found him wandering the corridor with the teachers aid. My heart dropped as I thought something was wrong, but he was just looking for his lunch box. He'd insisted he hang his bag outside the classroom with the big kids, and he couldn't remember where. I had a chat to a few other mums then popped back into his class. He was sitting happily at a table with a few other boys eating his snack. I told him I'd bought his uniform and he was so delighted! He insisted I show him, and as soon as we got back to the car he rummeged through the bag inspecting it all while I strapped Ethan in and packed up the pram etc.

We had to go to the shops to get a few things, and he insisted he wear one of his jumpers. I let him, and he was so proud! Marching along like a big school boy. All afternoon he kept telling me I'm a [name of school] schoolboy! So cute. I'm so releived he's finally warming to it.


Sarah said...

Ohhh Katie it has brought tears to my eyes. It is so hard buying that tiny uniform and then having them put it on. Ohhh.... Sounds like he is very ready for school and excited.... Not long

kathie said...

Oh the poor sausage. It would have been so hard to leave that room! It tears at your heart, doesn't it? Because we all can remember what it feels like to be in a strange room with strange people and to not know a soul. Ugh. I'm so glad that he's started to make friends and feel a bit more comfortable about it. It must be such a huge relief for you too!

Lyn Dwyer said... glad that Liam got to attend this special orientation day.I know it's hard to see him clingy and scared.....but have done the right thing.It's much harder on those children who don't attend the orientation days...believe me.Been there....done that.....just look at it as a new chapter in Liam's wonderful life. And remember the saying"no gain"....I know it sounds harse...but it's so true. He will feel some pain and worry before he actually moves on ...but hey.....he will LOVE the social life that school has to offer.It's a whole new world opening up for him.
So take a step back Katie.....take a deep breath.....your boy is growing up! He'll be fine and so will you!
Take I sound like a teacher or what!...LOL!...can't help it!

Sofi p said...

Aw, Liam sounds like he will be fine! He sounds like he has settled in already.

It's always harder for the mums...

~*Gems*~ said...

Aww bless! Such a sweet little story - begging to be scrapped no doubt! :o)

As yet I've not been in such a position where I have had to leave Ashton somewhere she doesn't want to be, but no doubt that time will come, and I will find it as difficult as you did.

Sounds like he will make friends in no time though! :o) Kids are so much better than adults at doing that don't you find?!

Love ~*Gems*~ x*x*x