Friday, November 24, 2006

Beach piccies

Doh! I wanted the superman one to load first! How cute is that hey! He was given that top for his birthday. It's a regular sun top, with the superman logo on the front, and then a lycra cape that velcros onto the shoulders/neck. Wanted to test out the new filter, and get some good reflections. These were all taken quite late, as I wanted the sun quite low and the tide out - about 6.30 or 7.00pm. Love that golden glow.

Brett was drawing in the sand with his toe, and Ethan ran up to him and started copying... very cute.

Yup. Love this pic. Unfortunatly it doesn't look great in black and white. Too much colour, not enough white. Ends up looking very grey.


jane said...

oooh, may need some info on that new filter of yours :)
how cute is that little man in his new uniform too- so exciting!
ps have you seen your Lo in FK#49 yet - swinging up to Jesus- whooaa!! looks fab!

kathie said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos. That filter looks like it's fab!