Sunday, October 15, 2006

Random moments & rainy photoshoots

my boy has style huh? He likes to wear my boots cos he thinks he's either Mr Incredible or Mrs Incredible. I can never work out which one he's trying to pronounce as they both sound like "messz", and he also doesn't have the male/female thing down pat yet. He'll say "she's got the ball, get it off him" etc But regardless he does look cute and funny (and a little shocked to be busted in the fridge too LOL)

And what better way to cool down those tonsils, than an apple juice icepole, hmmmm could go me one of them right about now. Still haven't got around to getting any antibiotics yet.

Liam was such a febrile kid, and after seeing him have two convulsions we were always (and still are) very fussy with them both when they have fevers. One time Liam's was so high 40.5 (he convulsed at 41.5!) and we couldn't get it down with either panadol or nurifen so we took him to the hospital, where he was admitted for two days. They gave me this neat little idea of wrapping the icepole in a facewasher so their hands don't freeze. Just a facewasher and a rubber band.

Today was the day for Ange's shoot on the beach. After rescheduling once, we thought we had it worked perfectly. 21 degrees and fine. Yeah, well we are in Melbourne hey. I woke just before 7am to the sound of rain! By 7.30 the sun was shining. I headed down to meet them at the beach, and on my way down the Esplanade I realised Main Street (the road I'd told her to come down) was closed for the food and wine festival! She found her way though. We got some nice photos, but not long after the rain started again, and again, and again. We ended up hiding up on the beach houses out of the rain, then ducking back out between the showers for more pics.

I met Ange at the Scrapanalia Retreat earlier this year, and she's one of those girls you instantly feel comfortable around. Just so NICE! Well the rest of her family is just the same. Her DH was great fun, her mum is lovely and her girls are gorgeous... and no where near the devils she told me they were LOL. I had fun! And I hope they did too. Now to sort and edit the pics :)

But for tonight I need to spend some time with my neglected DH! Off to watch a movie and snuggle ;)

oh and I also popped over to Carol & Michaels to catch a quick glimpse of baby Jack - he is adorable! They are comming over for dinner and a photoshoot next week. I'm excited already! I hope I never loose the passion for this job.


Jess said...

Liam looks very cute in your boots. Ethan wears mine too. Saw a very cool little invention the other day for those icy-poles. It was like a stubby holder (wet-suit material) but in a tube. Apparently you can get them at Coles, but I haven't had a look yet. Glad Ange's shoot went well - despite the dodgy weather!


Jasmine said...

Lachie's just started wearing my shoes around the house too LOL!!! Thanks for the tip with the icypoles - my two were slurping those down the other day when it was 36 degrees here but their hands still froze and they kept dropping them :s

Ange Warren said...

Liam looks adorable, no matter who he is trying to be LOL

We had such a great morning yesterday, despite the rain and I can't wait to see the results. I will be stalking you blog all week LOL!

It was great to see you again Katie and I am in awe of your amazing talent. See you Saturday!

Lyn Dwyer said...

Katie.............Liam makes a good "Dick Wittington"...he,he.
Love the pic.......and hey there're good at what you do because you are 'passionate "about Photography.It sounds like you are having a great time and making income out of it as well. Good on you!