Wednesday, October 25, 2006

a little practice

Late Sunday afternoon, between 4-5pm at Mills Beach Morington. Camera settings were all over the place, trying to work out what works best for me, and quick moving kids that change position and direction constantly.

Liam wanted to go hunt for pirate footprints, with Ethan... not our Ethan, "you know, big Ethan with the baby brother"... Jess, that's your Ethan LOL. Fancy a drive?


Jess said...

Just say the word and I'll be there! Ethan has asked a few times to visit Liam as well. We really should try to arrange it, particularly with the warmer weather on the way. Love the photos! Any chance we'll see you at Paperific?


kathie said...

What wonderful beach photos! Luv em. Thanks for the email :)

jane said...

love the photos! outdoors- bright sun- moving kids= challenging!!
Ange's photos too- and you know im a fan of urban acid