Sunday, October 01, 2006

kids impatient? mine too!

I start to run the bath each night, then close the door and quickly load the dinner dishes while Eth continues to finish off his dinner (unlike Liam, he eats) etc. Last night Ethan finished quicker than usual and I let him down, but I didn't realise Liam had got himself into the bath, and left the door open. Usually he'd yell out to me if Ethan went in... not sure why he didn't yell out this time, but I sure got a surprise when I went in. Should add I don't usually fill the bath that much, but after Michelle's photoshoot at the beach yesterday, I needed a spa too!
Liam and I were both in tears laughing as I was trying to get his clothes off him. His nappy was blown up like a balloon LOL.
Some quick layouts. Did this one of Friday.
Did this one tonight. It's my scraplift of Sofi for Scrap Pile. The October challenge is to scraplift a layout in the gallery. I loved Sofi's version of this, and hardly changed a thing, except the colours. Even used the same title.
And another quick one inspired by a pumpkin patch email advertisement. Using up some stash on my desk! It's such a mess, and I've hardly scrapped! Can't find my cutting mat under all the junk - had to scrap on top of the mouse pad. Keep hearing Sarah's words when I showed her my study... "so where do you scrap?" ringing through my ears. LOL


Jasmine said...

Katie - that has to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I would've had tears streaming down from laughing so much too LOL!!!

Susan (smiles1965) said...

LOL just too funny about getting into the bath fully clothed.

Once again your layouts are fabulous. I love each and every one of them.

I too am going to enter the Scrap Pile challenge of copying someone elses layout. What a great idea.

Have a wonderful week and take care. Thanks for sharing:)

Lisa W said...

Katie - It is these moments of madness which stop us going mad!!

Love the page of hubby. I like the green and orange together.

Mardi said...

Katie...what a hoot is that photo...I think 'impatient' fits it perfectly.
Love your layout share ...they are all gorgeous as usual....and dont feel desk looks like a bomb went off on it at the moment.
Mardi x

Sofi p said...

Katie, the photos of Ethan are so funny!

Awwww, the scraplift is gorgeous~ I'm really humbled! (just love the colour combination you have used) and the other two are just as gorgeous!

Nic Wood said...

hehehehe...thats just precious, you should have swished him around a bit and washed his clothes as well LOL

Wow your LO are just gorgeous. Love the lift - so fresh and clean, and the PP one (well I love anything PP!) and the....yeh OK love 'em all!

Nic xxxy

me said...

Oh that is funny :) And im pleased you got photos as well to boot!

Gorgeous LOs, I love the You Complete Me one ... so sweet!

Cass said...

LOL - Those photos are so typical of kids! Definitely one to scrap and then pull out when he is much older. ;)

jane said...

very funny!!
love the Lo's - I had seen Sofi's layout and loved it- your scraplift is great!