Monday, October 23, 2006

Haven't been around much...

But I have good reason! Here is a taste of some recent shoots. Still have more to add, but Blogger won't let me upload anymore... probably used up my limit!

This is sweet little Darcy, he's two, and he also loves Cass' trains ;)

What a little sweetie huh.

And his adorable new little brother Flynn. What a little angel bubba. He had the most adorable little blond mohawk - so cute.

Glenn, Hayley and little Sebastian. Such a beautiful little family, really gorgeous people.
And is Sebastian not THE cutest? What a gorgeous grin.
And a snuggle.
Bubbles! What child doesn't love bubbles

So apart from editing a million photos, this week has also seen: A big haircut - BIG. I know, I didn't have that much before, but now I feel almost Cathie Z like!

Dylan Day! Had a blast. Completed 4 pages, and booked quite a few sittings, and was happy to be able to donate 50% of the sitting fees for them to Dylan's fund. Jody's amazing hard work paid off and she reached the $10,000 she was aiming for. I'll upload layouts later, when blogger will let me.

Operation Deck (the longest project on record!) is still going. We are hoping to have it all completed by Liam's birthday (or yeah, that's the other thing I've been organising!) As I type this at 10.15 at night, BT (DH) is out there highpressure cleaning it all, ready to oil it, the brush fence guys are comming this week to put up a partitioning wall at the end of the board walk (so you can't see straight into the garden when you walk in the gate), the stainless wire guys should be here this week to install that around the handrails of the deck, two of the roofs are framed, just need to get the next one up, for which they are waiting on some special rubbers they need to drill into the limestone, and get the colourbond up there. Oh, and then there is the bar... and being a project of my DH, it's not just any old bar, it's a fancy old bar for sure. He's been on the hunt for a commercial bar fridge with a glass door, he's ordered a gorgeous round under counter sink, and tap (can't remember which tap we went for now, but being me, I don't really care, as long as water comes out of it when I turn it on!)

Liam's birthday is cup weekend, and we've booked a jumping castle for the day. A couple I photographed own BouncyBeanz so we decided to book through them. Such a lovely couple, so helpful and easy to deal with. If you are after a jumping castle I can't recommend them enough.

They are putting in a housing estate down the hill from our house, and the slashing grass etc has my hayfever going crazy! I don't normally suffer too much from hayfever, but this year it's insane.

Keep an eye out for more photos comming soon - namely... ANGE'S :)


Sarah said...

love the photos katie. little Seb is so cute hey!!!!

You have been a very buzy girl. I hope DH manages to get it all finished by Cup weekend. Wow Liam has grown up so quickly.

Glad you had fun on your day of scrapbooking, sounds like it was a blast
Take care

Nat-Mardon said...

Beautiful beautiful photos Katie. I also would like to see your new hairdo!

Busy lady you are. Can hardly keep up with you.


Megan said...

Those photos are awesome as ever. Was great to spend the day scrapping and chatting with you on Saturday. Had a ball.
And how very exciting about the deck. Can't wait to check it out when it's all done!

Mardi said...

Katie...they are such beautiful photos....I love the bubbles shot.
Your new haircut looks fabulous...I had a peak of it on Janes Blog this sounds as though the Dylan day was just fantastic.
Mardi x

Sofi p said...

Aw, the photos are just beautiful (especially the ones of Sebastian~ love that name too).

It was so good to catch up on Saturday, and meet lots of new faces too.

Sounds like the deck is almost done. Then you can just enjoy it throughout summer!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx and Scrap-Pile said...

These photos look fantastic. You always capture the moments just right. I bet you have never had a customer who didn't like the photos you supplied them.

Good luck with your hayfever, how annoying. Spring time isn't easy I bet. Is there any medication you can use to get some relief?

Liam's birthday will be so much fun with a jumping castle. Yet another wonderful photo opportunity for you.

Have a fun and safe week xxoo

Jasmine said...

Katie - beautiful photos. I love the one with the bubbles - too cute.

Sounds like your in for a busy week!!! I suffer from hayfever really badly - I've found the best thing that works is Telfast 180 - it's brilliant as it doesn't make you drowsy like some other hayfever tablets and it REALLY REALLY works.

Take care