Monday, October 09, 2006

For Michelle

Michelle, your photos are *almost* ready, so here is a sneek peek of a few of my faves so far.

Can you say CUTE!?

Gorgeous little Phaedon

And sweet little Ellen.

The whole clan. Some of you know Michelle (myebelle). She's one of Scrap Pile's DT girls too... and she is just gorgeous!

Hope you like your photos Michelle, they'll be on their way to you later this week :)

Thanks for the well wishes for Ethy too. He's doing better, but still doesn't think much of the medicine. Liam's little phase continues though. These happen every few months, and last a week or two, before he calms down to his usual self again. Just testing the boundaries. I guess it's just normal development, but gee it makes me question my parenting skills... or whether I actually have any LOL.

Back to crazy days tomorrow. Speech, kinder and 1000 things to do inbetween. I'm thinking I'd love to go for a walk early, befor the boys are awake and Brett leaves for work. Just depends on Ethan though, as he's been waking around 5-5.30am lately. Bummer these beautiful days also mean the sun comes up earlier. And their rooms are dark!


raylene said...

These look fabulous!

Jasmine said...

Great photos Katie - I'm sure Michelle will love them :) If only I lived down your way so you could take some of my family :(

Jess said...

Great shots Katie. Michelle's kids are gorgeous!


Mardi said...

Gorgeous photos Katie....
Mardi x

Cass said...

Stunning photos as always Katie. Just love that profile one of Ellen.

jane said...

sooo gorgeous
Michelles gonna love them

Nic Wood said...

just beautiful Katie!

Nic xxx

Sofi p said...

These are just beautiful Katie! Michelle will be thrilled!