Friday, September 29, 2006

still alive

DH's not the happiest, but hey, get over it I say! LOL Anyway, just a quick post to let you know I still do have a place to call home.

I've also been keeping on top of housework this week, which is BIG for me! I've been following a morning, afternoon and before bed routine, and I am finding a little more time during the day. I'm just getting stuff done quicker instead of procrastinating, or putting it off until it becomes a huge job.

Today Ethy had childcare, but Liam was home as it's still school holidays. It was also my day to have Aidan. Poppy popped in at lunch time so I took off to pick up Ethan, leaving him here with Aidan and Liam. Stopped to get a few things for tomorrow's photoshoot with Michelle then home. We decided to make pizza's for dinner, as I thought it would be a good way to keep the boys occupied for a few minutes. I got all the ingredients ready, then they got to make their own pizzas, and were very excited to watch them cook in the oven. It did mean I had to tackle the supermarket with 3 boys under 4 (I know... what WAS I thinking!) I bribed them, telling them if they stayed with the pram and did as they were told we could go to the park afterwards... we didn't go to the park! There is only seven months between Aidan and Liam so people tend to think they are twins when they are together. I am constantly amazed at the dirty looks people give you when you have more than two kids... especially if they are all young! I remember when Aidan was very small and my sister went back to work for a few days to help out during the christmas rush. I babysat Aidan for the day. Liam was about 10mths old, so Aidan would have been about 3mths. I set off from home (old house, close to the shops) with Liam in the pram, and Aidan strapped to me in the baby bjorn, so happy, and proud of these two gorgeous boys, (who hardly made a noise the whole time). A few minutes later we arrived at the shops and each time I went up and down an isle, I kept running into the same lady. Not once did she smile, say hello, or even make eye contact with me; but I could see her constantly looking (glaring) at me while I was browsing the shelves. When I got to the register she came along to the register next to mine and continued to give me the evil eye as I was chatting to the girl serving me. She was lovely and was saying I looked like I had my hands full, and I told her that only one of them was mine, the other was my nephew. She said she was surprised and had assumed they were brothers, and I told her they were too close in age to be brothers (you know... you'd need at least a 9mth age gap!) As soon as I mentioned that, the 'evil eye' lady looked straight at me, smiled and told me they were lovely! Anyway, that got a little off topic, but I just wanted to express my irritation at people who judge, when they have no clue! Today I got the evil eye and whispers from two girls at the deli, who must have been all of 15! OK, Liam and Aidan were being pains in the butt a little. But no where near badly behaved. They were skipping along in front of the deli windows saying "yummy, yummy, yummy" and pretending to eat stuff, you know, chewing on their fingers etc. Really causing no trouble to anyone else, and as soon as they got a little too fast or noisy I pulled them up, and just a quiet boys, slow down, was enough. But the whispers and the looks were horrid! Not one person standing around smiled at them (even though they were dressed as spidermen, which usually gets a few nice/cut comments). It would just be nice if people could slow down and not judge. I mean gee - imagine if we were actually to help someone who might be struggling! I'm sure every mother has had a child chuck a wobbly in the shop before - my kids are quite easygoing, but I'm sure there have been times... and what do you do? Walk away and ignore? (And cop the looks for that?). Smack? (oooooh!) Don't smack (someone will think you should). For crying out loud, they are kids, they have a reason for acting like that... they don't know any better just yet or haven't developed the ability to control/express their emotions in other ways. Evil eye people on the other hand should have.

Anyway (becoming a very long post here!) to top it all off...
Aidan introduced Liam to the fact that the word "penis" is the funniest word in the world. That must have been about 18 months ago, and finally that is starting to die down a little. Great. Well great, until today, in the middle of Safeway, Aidan out of no where yells out "vagina!" Now keep in mind, everything Aidan says, Liam copies.

I'll be doing my shoping before Aidan arrives next week!


Jess said...

ROFL! Too funny! Ethan thinks "doodle" is hilarious, because we don't use it (the word that is). His day is made if he can get a sentence out that includes "doodle", "fart", "poo" and "bottom". Thankfully he hasn't learnt "vagina" yet.

Mardi said...

Katie....glad you are not homeless....Ethan looks just gorgeous with his new haircut.
...and I had a huge chuckle at Liam's potential new word....too funny.
Mardi x

Megan said...

ROFL Katie and Jess (that we don't use the word) and Katie your poor thing. Would that be up there in the embarrasment stakes with the milk incident at Paseanos!!!

Sofi p said...

LOL... at the new words Liam is using. And Katie, yes, people unfotunately are judgemental in today's society. And for some unusual reason, it always happens in the supermarket.

Lisa W said...

Oh, katie I can So empathise with the "close in age thing" Mitch and Cam are quite different in size. When the twins were younger I had on older lady COME UP TO ME and shaking her head - SAID You had your boys awfully close together. Yes I replied - a minute apart! She was stunned. The gall with her - and what if they were 9mths apart. That's ok too. Now I have 3 boys under 4 it is even worse.

Look forward to seeing you at the crop - and talking boy's talk!! LOL

Rachel said...

I know exactly where you are coming from (unfortunately)
It used to bother me that no one could say anything was always "three boys??!?!" (said in horror) or "don't you have your hands full??"..or my favourite - "Don't you know what causes that?" (Pregnancy) Argh!

People are so judgemental sometimes, I've learnt to ignore it.

Nic Wood said...

You should see the looks I get if I take my three plus the neighbours two older boys out for a walk. In theory they could all be mine - 9, 8, 6, 4 & 10mnths and you really do get some people looking down their noses at you.
Its bad enough always getting the comments about having three boys! I love my boys, and I wouldnt swap them for the world.
Some people need to get a life!

Nic xxx

Jasmine said...

Oh Katie - I totally understand those "evil eye" looks. My two are pretty well behaved mostly, but geez kids are kids. The looks you get sometimes anyone would think we're from another planet LOL!!!
Don't you just love how kids know the exact time to say the most inappropriate thing :S
Ethan's looks gorgeous with his new haircut.

Yvette Adams said...

I love those fresh layouts on the white backgrounds. So simple and so beautiful.