Monday, September 04, 2006

So like his daddy!

I went to pick up the boys from Brett's parents tonight and they showed me this photo of Brett with his nanna (GG as she is now known - Great Gran). Now they are always telling me that looking at Ethan is just like looking at Brett at the same age... but I still nearly fell over when I saw this pic. It really could be Ethan - well the outfit might give it away, but apart from that, they are SO alike. I've spent the last little while searching through photo files to find a similar pic of Ethan, but although he has this same expression on his face a lot, it seems he doesn't when there is a camera pointed at him.
Here are a couple that were fairly similar.

Mmmm dirt is yummy mummy! LOL

Hmm me, pre-haircut, with no make up etc. Bumming on the weekend. Noice! But Eth looks cute, similar expression in the eyes. Lets move on.
Poppy pulling faces at the camera trying to make Eth look and smile. It's so funny how often people do this. When you photograph families you see it a lot... absolutly cracks me up!
And these two just crack me up too, so I thought I'd pop them in. (Ignore the weeds, they are not there anymore, I pulled them out) I was inside photographing a family so Brett has to keep the boys out of the way. Usually they go out, but this week they were working in the garden. B took this pic with his phone... Ethan is FAST ASLEEP!
MMMMMmmmm I said this dirt IS yummy mummy!


Megan said...

Wow Wow Wow. They totally look like each other. That is totally amazing. Apparently my dad and I looked identical when we were babies too. Don't know if that means I looked like a boy or he looked like a girl, but who cares. Hope you guys are doing well.

Sofi p said...

I double that WOW! They DO look each other!

I get the same reaction from people too Megan, Lee and I look the same in baby photos!

Megan said...

OMG they are SOOOOO alike!!!!

Isn't that amazing!

Megan xx

Lyn Dwyer said...

KATIE............they are like two peas in a pod.....amazing!

Love that dirty face....mmmm....brings back a few memories...LOL!

jane said...

thats an amazing - they are like twins.
lots of fun photos there- lots to scrap

Nic Wood said...

wow they look heaps alike!! so glad we dont dress our little boys like that though !!!LOL you gotta wonder if they will look back on what we dress them in(and think is just gorgeous!) and think how dated and daggy it looks!!!

Nic xxx

kathie said...

Wow, what a similarity! It's great when you have photos that show that, isn't it?

lusi said...

You really can see how similar they look - wow! Hey can't remember if I've popped in since the weekend to say congrats on the Scrap Pile DT posi! So Congrats Katie!!!
Lus x