Monday, September 18, 2006


The mystery parcel hey? Well... did you know (cos I didn't) that the ever so lovely Cass, is not only the mummy of Scrap Pile, she also has a second business selling train sets. That is what the mystery parcel was. This fantastic train set. Liam is absolutly stoked to get this in the mail, he wasn't all that thrilled to sit in the bean bag and watch me take photos of it though LOL. He kept telling me "you're taking too many photos mummy!" Finally I decided I'd taken enough, covered every angle etc and let him play with it. But that leads my into todays title.

He picked up one of the little men and stood him on the track, then started to drive the train towards him. In horror I yelled "Oh my gosh, what are you doing!" My mind was ticking over, where on earth has he seen this!! His reply was "This is Mr Incredible, and he has to stop the train cos the track is broken" Phew! I don't have a scarey kid after all - it's all a matter of perception. Love the shallow depth of field in this photo. Natural window light, and f1.8. Love it. Love the colours too. Look out for this one on a layout soon. Might get it organised to do on Dylan Day.

Photo dates: (all saturdays)
30 September - booked
28 October - available
11 November - booked
18 November - available
25 November - available

We want nice weather tomorrow too. I'm shooting Jess' family - outdoors! Oh I am so itching to get outdoors again. Bring on summer.

I went to CTYD on Satuday night for my monthy crop night, and spoke to the fabulous Jody. I wanted to do something to help out Dylan and his family so had a little chat to Jody to figure out what would work best. The plan is... I will donate 50% of the sitting fee, for every shoot booked on the day. You/they choose the date, and prepay your sitting fee ($50), and I give you a $50 sitting fee voucher. $25 of your money goes directly to Dylans fund. So if you are interested, or know someone who may be interested, please spread the word and tell them to make sure they come prepared. Thanks :)

At Crop Till Ya Drop I managed to complete 2 double layouts - my FK EDM ones (snapshots - I know, I am so far behind, but there's no rush). I've now done 5 layouts, think I should have done about 9 LOL. I am happy with the way my album is taking shape so far. I'm not uploading them just yet, I want to do it all together, so closer towards the end. If you want to see it, you'll have to come to Dylans day.

Congrats to Nat Mardon for winning my challenge on Scrap Pile with her wonderful layout. Well done Nat.

Oh, and do you like my new video clip? I *LOVE* this song, and after seeing it on Lusi's blog last night, just had to get me one'o dem too. :)


Jaci said...

I stumbled across your blog and just wanted to say that your photos are amazing! Such talent! I also checked out your gallery at 2peas...just wonderful! Thanks for sharing your work.

Tam said...

oh, katie, i just stuck around here for ages to hear all of that song. i love it so much, i just have to close my eyes and soak in it.

loving that piccie too - inspiring me to get my camera out today...

Sarah said...

Love the pic katie and the train set. I want one for

have a great week


Megan said...

That is one of my fav songs too Katie. And that train set is just gorgeous. Can't wait to see LOs of train pictures. So cute!

Carole Janson said...

Katie, I have just been checking out your blog, and my goodness you are an amazing photographer, I loved your challenge you did with the K & Company products in SM, looked amazing, I have been making sure I get down to my kids level now, when I take photos, have a lovely day.

Jasmine said...

Great photo Katie :) I do the same thing with my kid's toys LOL!!! I love that song too - it's one of those ones that makes my eyes well up everytime I hear it on the radio.

Lyn Dwyer said...

.....hi KATIE.....just passing through and wanted to say what a wonderful idea and a generous offer you have going for the Dylan Day.Good luck with it all I'm sure the day willbe fabulous!....ok....your blog stalker is off again to blogsurf....LOL!

Sofi p said...

What a great photo, and love the story behind it too. Can't wait to see it scrapped.