Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fathers Day

Thanks so much for your congratulations. I'm all inspired to scrap again now LOL. Scrap Pile is actually having it's first cyber crop on the 15th Sept, so come on over and have some fun with us.

Happy Fathers Day, to my Dad, my FIL, and my beautiful DH! Three awsome men!!

Well fathers day has finally come. I worked my little toosh off, and there are lots of daddy's around that are getting photos of their precious little babies/grandbabies. I have decided now though, that the past few weeks have just been too busy, and I just have to slow down somewhere, so until the end of the year, when I leave my other job I'll be limiting to one photoshoot a week. I have one date left in September, a few in October, and November is filling fast. (My usual day for shooting is Saturdays, which is best for us, but also seems to work well for others as the DH's are home.) For photos by christmas you need to have your sitting in or before November. If you want photos ready to put on/with your Christmas cards you'll need September/October... maybe early November. Last year I was doing four shoots a week in October/November/December and I just can't do that this year. Especially while working another job. Next year I'll be able to manage about three a week max. Jess, I'll email you with dates I have. I've remembered to keep the approximate time available for you :)

Brett had a nice fathers day. I didn't get a chance to get his pressie yet, but the boys both made him presents at kinder and childcare. Liam made a little scrapbook (like the one I got for mothers day, and had the photo I took in it. Very cute, with nice little things he loves about his daddy in it. Ethan painted a key hook thingy, which is just so stinkin' cute! It's got slops of red, green and blue paint all over it and Brett is just so proud LOL.

Brett starts his new job tomorrow. He's looking forward to it. It'll take him a whole two minutes to get there... doesn't even have to go on a main road! My hubby the manager :)

Trying to add some recent session, but blogger won't play. Will try again later.


Mardi said...

Hi Katie...Huge Congratulations to you on your DT position...they are very lucky to have you aboard.

Thanks for your visit to my Blog during my recent 'drowning' ..Im officially ok Ill hand the 'busy crown' back to you...LOL

Mardi x

kathie said...

Congrats on the DT! I might have to pop over to check out Scrap Pile.
It sounds like a good idea to limit your photo shoots. You sound totally busy. And, ya know, it never hurts to have a "waiting list". It shows you're in demand :)

Nic Wood said...

Congrats on the DT position. I checked out the site, and its pretty cool - great range and great prices.

Those photos are all just SO cute -what gorgeous little people you get to photograph. ( Love the b/w with the colour buterfly - adorable )

Glad all the kindy fathers day pressies turned out so well too

Nic xxx

francineA said...

oh love those pics...and congrats on your DT spot at scrap pile..looking forward to seeing your work!