Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Well it lasted a day or so

This is the last layout from the retreat. I put the title and BG rubon on it on Saturday night while Jane and Sofi were here. It was about the total of my scrapping that night. Not very productive on the scrapping front, but very productive on the chatting wise. And yes, my kettle boiled LOTS! Those that know me, know it takes me about 8 boils of the kettle to actually make that cuppa. I am such a bad host, my guests usually give up waiting and just make their own LOL. I'm so rude! I don't mean to be though.

The title of my post actually refers to this layout. You probably all know I am not a competition enterer. I never enter. There was one I nearly did enter once. I completed the layout, filled in the entry form, packed it up, and drove around with it in my car for about 6 months. Never got the nerve up to actually post it. Again I almost entered the Chatterbox one last year, after much persuasion from Rach, and it seemed quite natural as Chatterbox was one of my favourite lines for a LONG time. After hearing about and dismissing the Everyday Moments comp I suddenly decided on Sunday that it was a bit of me afterall, and I would enter it. I was all reved up and ready to go, I scribbled down journalling as quick as I could before my pathetic memory failed me again and I took off up to Paper2 to grab a copy of FK for the rules (and the buttons). I had been meaning to spend a bit of time on my own personal album for a while now. With all the changes I am working towards I wanted to get it all down. I won a Making Memories 9x9 album at the retreat and it all seemed perfect. I have the everyday moments, I have the album, I have the buttons... lets go. So tonight I sat down to complete the first of the pages, and as I am not loving those gaudy Junkitz buttons I thought I'd scatter them lightly over the three layouts. Thought it might also be a good idea to actually read the rules instead of relying on message board gossip... and there it was that the layout has to be 80% sponsors products (Sorry Melissa Francis, I loved the paper!) and the entire pack of buttons and stuff should be on the one layout, but doesn't have to be (got that bit from the FK forum). I lost the desire to finish the layout after that. Do I start again? Do I just scrap it myself and not worry about the compitition? Maybe I'll wait and see how ugly the next months produt is before deciding.

Liam has nagged and nagged me all week for a Superman suite "with muscles". Tonight after kinder he was asking me what I'd done while he was in kinder. He wanted to know if I'd gone to the shops. As a matter of fact I had. He wanted to know what I got and I told him some vegies and things for dinner. "What else?" he asked. "Nothing else" I replied. "Did you get me a superman suit?", I was sitting at a busy intersection waiting for a break in the traffic so I could pull out and I suddenly decided, why not! Why not get this little boy the suit he's dreaming of. It's $40. It's not going to break the bank. Sure there might be bills I should be putting it towards, but if this past week has proved anything to me it's that life is short. I told him we could go to Target now and have a look if we could find one. I tell you the excitement in his voice as the squeal of "what did you say?!" came from the back seat was enough to make my heart skip a beat. The sparkles in his eyes as he looked at me with disbelief and pure happiness was enough to make my own eyes sparkle (with tears). That moment alone was worth more than the $40 the suit cost. There was pure happiness as we popped into Target, found the suit and purchased it. He insisted on carrying it to the car, and lay it across his lap admiring it the whole drive home. As we walked in the door the phone was ringing. I grabbed it and as I turned around found Liam still standing in the doorway stripping off his jeans to put the suit on. Bliss, pure bliss. At four years old, life is all about superheroes. Imagine how excited he was when he realised it was Brett on the phone saying he wanted to take Liam to the movies to see Superman tonight. Of course he's gone dressed for the occassion :)

They've just got home. I did take a photo of him after we got home. The beauty of having a studio set up (semi) perminantly. Can't be bothered to download just yet, I'll share tomorrow.


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

That sounds like heaven. Aren't kids the cutiest sometimes. I love hearing their squeals of excitment and laughter. I am sure your the most popular mum and dad in town tonight :)

jane said...

Katie, youre seriously making me cry- your jounallng on your family LO is sooo from the heart (not to mention it is a GORGEOUS LO -youre the 'shabby' queen!)and i can totally relate to the way you felt making Liam so happy with his Superman suit.Chloe has had the same sort of reaction to surprises we have given her, and its so priceless- just makes your day.
ps are those photo corners the ones you whipped up on pshop the other night
hee hee at 'chatterbox' being one of your fave products........

Ros said...

I think you should do the everyday moments comp anyway even if it is in your style for you and not for the comp. At least then you will be happy with what you have done and it is for you and your familt after all.

NuttyScrapper said...

Looking forward to the Superman pics :)


Sofi p said...

I love to just chat away too, Katie. The journalling is so heartfelt, in the second LO. A child's happiness and excitement is so priceless. Can't wait to see pics of Liam in his Superman suit.

Sofi p said...

Oops, forgot to say, The "Sparkle" LO turned out gorgeous too. Love how you have cut away the pp with the ribbon.

Anonymous said...

the layouts are gorgeous! i want to see the superman suit photos too:)

kathie said...

LOL about the superman suit. How cute. Oh, I can totally relate to how it makes you so incredibly happy to see that sparkle in their eye.
What! You don't have the nerve to enter comps? Madness Miss Katie! You should. You do the most beautiful layouts.
The 80% ruling is making me seriously questions entering the Everyday Moments comp. I don't want to have to use only the sponsors' products. (Know what you mean about those buttons.) And I don't want to have to be locked in to buying FK each month to get the stuff you have to use that month. Oh well. I might just use the topics as my inspiration and see where it takes me.