Saturday, July 15, 2006

Naming Liam

I'm back on the Everyday Moments thing again, but have decided to take a totally different approach. I'll finish the other layout off in my own style, and keep that album as I was planning, and I'm going in a totally different direction with the EM album. I had a play tonight, a bit of a test run to get back into it, (this layout is not for the EM comp) and here is the result. So different for me, but I love it. I bought that avodado squares paper and thought 'I have no clue how I'll use that, but I'll get it anyway', then tonight I pulled it out with the same thoughts, and now that it's done I love it. The red flower is chatterbox, the blue is KI. I'm very into scallops at the moment... had you guessed! Journalling goes like this:

Choosing your name was not an easy task! I liked Joshua and Nicholas, Dad liked Patrick and Alexander. After searching on the internet I found myself being drawn back time and time again to Liam. At first I dismissed it, thinking Dad would never go for it. But it stayed with me. One morning when I was 14 weeks pregnant I was chatting to Dad while we were getting ready to go out. I turned to him and asked, “What about Liam?” To my amazement he replied “Hmmm, yeah, I really like it”. So that was it. If you were a boy, you would be Liam. We chose it because we liked the name. With further reading we discovered the meaning. It’s short for William, and means “bold and courageous leader”. I am reminded of this some days when you show me that you can be just a little too bold and courageous!
For your middle name we liked Thomas. We liked Thomas for a christian name, but didn’t like ‘Thomas Toland’. There were too many T’s in there. For almost my entire pregnancy you were going to be Liam Thomas Toland if you were a boy, right up until the last few weeks. You see we also liked the idea of a family name. Poppy is Kevin James, dad is Brett James, so we thought we’d like you to be Liam James. I liked both James and Thomas, so I left that decision up to dad.
When you were born, I looked down at you and announced to dad with much excitement that you were a boy! In that overjoyed moment we both looked at each other an asked “Liam James?” There you were. Our first born child. Our first son. Our Liam James. Amazing, beautiful and precious, and we knew that one day you would grow to be our bold and courageous leader.

Busy day today with photos. First up was a little 3YO girl who wasn't in much of a mood for photos. Had my work cut out for me there, but we did well in the end! LOL. I love working with kids. I always wanted to be a kinder teacher, but after getting accepted into uni to study it, I decided to defer for a year. Work, buy a car, all that stuff. While I was wasting that year, it dawned on me that I might not want to come home to my own children after spending the entire day surrounded by other children. I knew I wanted to have children of my own, so decided to do business studies instead.... WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!! So here I am working with kids and loving it. Although my 'child work time' is much shorter, then I just get to look at their precious little faces for a few more hours while I edit.

Then this afternoon I had the baby girls! Oh so tiny!! Absolutly adorable. I tell you any mother of twins is a supermum in my book. This one had an 11YO DD, 3YO DS, and 2week twins. B.U.S.Y mumma!

I know I promised a photo of Liam, but still haven't downloaded yet. Will you settle for a layout instead? So late, Brett's at a party over the back of our house, Liam is having a sleep over at Nanny & Poppys and the Ethy-bug is sound asleep... and I will be soon too.


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Fabulous looking layout and photo of Liam. Your so clever Katie:)

I too bought this avodado squares paper (to use on a boy theme layout about some of my nephews). Thanks for the idea on how to use it. I love how you have mixed it up with other papers and colours, brilliant idea.

Great to read how you chose Liams name. We had a lot trouble deciding on names for our daughter too. We finally got around to choosing "Amanda Kate" 3 days after she had been born.

Have a wonderful day and a great week.

Ros said...

Love the layout Katie... As for the EDM comp, good on you for giving it go. If nothing else, at the end of it we will all have a completed album.

Donna said...

LOVE this lo. The journalling is ver cool, too!

Carolyne Hallum said...

i love this new style K.....but then i love anything you do.

Sofi p said...

I'm another Katie fan, anything you do, is brilliant!

Love the mix of papers, and the photo really captures Liam's gorgeous smile!

Megan said...

Totally love this Katie. Your choice of papers is gorgeous and the journalling is just beautiful.
I am going have to get me some more of the kraft CS

Lisa W said...

I love the way this spreads over the two pages - hadn't really considered doing this - as I tend to use the 12x12 for larger LO's.

Hope you have a great week..L