Monday, July 03, 2006

"It's only fair"... or is it?

This entry is purely for me to vent and get my head around some stuff. If you want to read and comment you are welcome, but you don't have to!

So I arrive at work, to be told Boss' god daughter has tragically died. It was a terrible shock to everyone. She was only 33, and at the time 37 weeks pregnant. They did manage to do a cesar and save the baby girl though. Its horrible, sad and shocking. It's not the purpose of this post, but it sets the atmosphere I am sitting in at the moment.

I work two days a week, last week I worked Monday, then due to being sick, took Wednesday off. Boss came into my office this morning and told me I have to try and make up the days I miss as "it's only fair". I said OK, then asked "am I not entitled to sick days?" His reply was "oh yes, I would always pay you, but when you only work one day it puts a big strain on the place". Fair enough, I can see that side of things. However this is the first day I have had in a long time, infact I can't remember the last sick day I had. I should be entitled to four a year (2 weeks) same as everyone else. Sometimes stuff happens. How am I expected to come to work when I can't stop vomiting? That is just stupid really. Such is the pressure, that when the boys are sick, Brett has to take a sick day before I could. I am the mother, I am the one who works part time so that I can care for our children. Yet he is the one taking time away from his job to do that, it's not making sense.

That aside, I did agree to work another day, so which day will it be? I check out schedule.
Monday: Work
Tuesday: Speech & Kinder
Wednesday: Work
Thursday: Swimming & Kinder
Friday: Kinder & babysit Aidan
I decided Friday is the best option as I only have to get Liam to one thing that day. Call Brett and tell him the plan:
You take Liam to kinder on your way to work (he'll have to go late), I'll take Ethan out to mum's, you leave work at lunchtime, get Liam from kinder and take him to mums (That will take about 45 minutes, pretty much his whole lunch break). Then I'll pick them up on my way home. He OK's that, so I call mum to ask her, but burst into tears with frustration over how annoying it is to have to arrange all this stuff and rely on other people so much! She says the same as brett... "only 6 months left darling"

I am so sick of feeling like I am being pulled in so many different directions. I am only one person, and just can't be the four I need to be some days.

So although Boss says "I would always pay you". He really won't, because I will work three days this week and only get paid for two, as he sees the third as a make up day for the one I missed last week. I would love for him to understand the work and thought and organisation that goes into me working another day. No just on my part, but also on my DH and parents.

I just don't know how women manage to work and have a family when stuff like this happens. My boss is really a kind and lovely man, fair and generous, so I just don't think he sees it the way I do. And I'm uncomfortable to say anything more, given the issues he's dealing with in his life at the moment.


Nic Wood said...

No its not fair, and its put you in a VERY awkward situation. I fully understand with the recent tragedy that you really dont want to make waves. I guess your boss is probably grieving, and may not be seeing things quite clearly either though.

It is only six months, and keep hold (very tightly :0) LOL) of that thought and hopefully it will get you through each day a little easier. It sounds like you are being pulled in a million directions atm though, so make sure you look after yourself as well as everyone else.

Nic xxx

Megan said...

So sad that you are feeling so stretched. It is only 6 months but that still doesn't make life any easier at the moment, does it? I really hope that you find time to look after yourself as well as all the other stuff you've got going on. Even if it is only 5 minutes or 1 hour (maybe Monday nights at 8:30 (Ch 7))
Will be thinking of you

Sarah said...

You are entitle to 5 sick days a year and you should NOT have to be made presured to make this time up. I am flabergasted at this.

Take care and yes remember it is only 6 more months so i do hope that it improves....


jane said...

hi Katie
Im glad sarah knows the rules. It is terrible what has happened with his god daughter, so it might be best to wait, and bring it up again in a week or 2. If he hasnt realised by then that what he asked you to do is wrong, then the fact you have made the decision to leave already will make it all that easier to leave (hope that makes sense)small businesses sometimes trade on their employees loyalties, and then dont give you anything is return.
anyway, that doesnt solve your immediate problem- can your mum go downto your place for the day?? just a thought
hope your day got better

Sofi p said...

It's awfully sad that your boss lost his goddaughter, however you shouldn't be pressured into working extra days to catch up on lost days.

I know this is a contradiction, but what if you were to ask him to work maybe 2 half days instead? Only a suggestion? Hang in there, not long before you leave from there.


kathie said...

OK, I'm putting my Human Resources manager hat on here. DON'T DO IT!

What he is asking you is illegal. You are entitled to sick days. Pro rata. And that's all you've taken. I'm sure if anyone else has a day off sick, it puts a strain on everyone too, but do they have to come in on a Saturday to work on their own time? What about when the son can't get everything done, isn't that a strain on you?

But that doesn't help you this week. How about telling him that it's not possible for you to work an extra day this week as you are already fully committed. Put him off and see if the "strain" eases. I'm sure he was just stressed out because of the death in the family.

Look after yourself. Remember you had a nasty virus which would've knocked the stuffing out of you. And you've been looking after everyone else. And you had a big weekend.


Lisa W said...

Katie, I tatally agree with Kathie. You are entitled to sick leave. That is what it is for. And if he wants time made up - tell him it can only be done in a few are committed till then. time can heal lots of things and purhaps his personal pain may have lessened by then.

Hope you have a much better week all around this week!!

Donna Wilson said...

I wouldn't be going in the 'extra' day, or just tell the boss you'll have to bring your young son in with you.....
Seriously, if you're entitled to sick days, end of story... he can't change the rules to suit him, and as someone else said, if you worked full time, and had a sick day, would you then have to come in on Sunday to make up for it?? Lucky you've got such an understanding hubby, and your Mum's able to help too. Good luck. xx

Donna said...

What a horrible situation to be in. I definately agree with Kathie. Whole-heartedly. The only way to show someone 'old-school' what is or isn't acceptable is by being confident in the knowledge that you are RIGHT and letting him politely know that.