Saturday, June 24, 2006

You can't have one without the other.

A couple more snaps from the Briars this week. LOVE Ethan's eyes in the first, again so sharp! I'm just bummed that I was wearing an orange jacket and now it looks like he has an orange fleck in those gorgeous blue eyes! Must remember to wear white next time! Probably can't see it here, but I can in the one I printed to scrap at the retreat.
So is he cute or what with his puppy :)

OK so I should be cleaning and organising for this afternoons shoot, but I'm sitting here blogging with hair dye in my hair! Yikes!!


Lyn Dwyer said...'re not going blonde are you Katie?

Sofi p said...

Katie, I think I've been saving my mojo for the retreat;

I love Ethan and his little puppy. That pic is waiting to be scrapped!

Julie LOVE said...

BEAUTIFUL piccies as always Miss how did the hair turn out???? LOL


Shirls said...

gorgeous photos!

Lisa W said...

Love these pics Katie - the black border around them really finishes them off. Did you use your 50mm lens for these?

Glad to hear that you are taking lots of bookings .... it is all because these ARE great pics and your natural eye for a good pic!!

Mardi said...

Gorgeous photos Katie....he is such a cute model too.

So pleased to hear your bookings are filling up...Im not at all surprised either....who wouldnt want a Katie T portrait.]

Mardi x