Thursday, March 23, 2006

Warning!! Vent re (idiot) men!

Edited: managed to upload the photos. :)

I’m having trouble loading photos onto Blogger at the moment, so decided to try pre-typing and inserting them. See what happens. It didn't work, so ignore the bits about the photos, and I'll try again later. Took the boys to the beach today. They had a great time, and I got some nice photos again… I was needing some more. Ethan LOVED the red rake, and didn’t let go of it the whole time. Seriously there is one photo of him without that thing in his hand…. And this is it! Screaming!! That boy has developed a wicked temper over the last few weeks. I’m sorry to say that I think he gets it off me. When you take something away from him, or bring him inside etc when he wants to do something else he screams like I have never heard before, and shakes his whole body, flipping around everywhere. It takes a lot of concentration just to hold on to him. Liam was a really quiet little boy - Ethan’s making up for it LOL. All of these photos are straight out of the camera. Only resized. I used my 50mm lens, so I couldn’t zoom and had to run around quite a bit. Actually the first one of Liam running in the water is edited. I printed it this afternoon to use on a layout.
I have a wedding to go to on Saturday night. I borrowed a dress of my sister, but decided I look pregnant in it. It’s the cut of the dress, and would look great on a size 8, but as soon as you add a lump or bump I think it makes it look like I have a little something to hide. I wanted to go dress shopping today, but both boys needed to sleep after our trip to the beach, so I decided I’d go late night shopping tonight. Then my (not so) DH called to say he wanted to go fishing. When I suggested I could do with a bit of help (as it was both boys were screaming, Ethan was hanging onto my leg, preventing me from moving, dinner was coming close to burning, and Liam was climbing up into the fridge as he NEEDED a drink of milk… right now!) Do men ever get it? Pick the worst time of the day to call and ask me that and wonder why I’m shitty. I did warn you that Ethan has my temper LOL. So, when I suggested he maybe not go tonight (he’s already been twice this week) he conveniently threw in “maybe I’ll go tomorrow then - Oh that’s right, you’re scrap booking” Grrrr.
So he went, he’s just walked in at 8.30, leaving me 15 minutes to travel to the shops and 15 minutes to find something. Tomorrow I have to get my final filling done, then I’ll have Liam (4), Aidan (3.5), and Ethan (1)… and I am not stupid enough to attempt a trip to the shop with the three of them, let along actually try and think about what I am getting or not loose anyone (hmmm that would be convenient) Do you think it would look sus if I left three boys tied to a pram outside the security office at the shopping centre? Maybe I should just wear the ‘pregnant’ dress and let him answer the questions LOL!
Men! Ugh, I think I may need a daughter to help balance the numbers in this house.


Nic Wood said...

ROTFLMAO - weve all got 'em Katie and I dont think they ever 'get it'..sure they pretend to if it might get them 'something' in return!!! Im now surrounded by four of good luck on the girl idea!

Nic xxx

jane said...

so how was your day, Katie!!!LOL
now, you realise youre going to have to be nice to Brett,if youre thinking about a daughter!!rotfl
J :)))))
hope you have a better one tomorrow (3 boys and all)

Donna Wilson said...

I think the sooner we realise men just aren't capable of GETTING IT, the less stressed we'll be. Good luck with your dress shopping.. LOL

Sarah said...

I am having the same problem with blogger ATM. It has been since Monday night for me.... As with the man factor, i have the same problem. He got in at 11pm last night from footy training. That is his 4th night out in a row and tongiht is gym night, again, and they wonder why WE are cranky on the weedend and just want to scrap or rest.

Megan said...

Ohh Katie, you poor love. I don't think security would mind if you left the boys out the front of their office!!
Men seriously don't get it do they. Thank goodness a lot of them are pretty to look at or they'd have nothing going for them!!

kathie said...

It sounds like you're having one of my days, lol! Men don't get it. I've only just realise how much so in the last four months since having a baby.

Beck said...

Yep .. I also have one of those men that just "dont get it" ... seems most of us do so you are definately not alone!!!

Megan said...

Oh Katie...what a crappy time you had. My girlfriend always says she really shouldn't have bothered getting a husband, that she should have got a wife instead so she could be certain that everything would get done!! I think we all need one!

Megan xx

Lisa said...

Oh Katie, Yep it sucks when the DH just doesnt understand. I hope that the wedding brings some time out for you.
I also hoped to gain some girl power when I had my third child. But now I have three boys AND a DH to contend with. Lucky the dog is a girl!! LOL

Ros said...

Bummer about your man problems... Totally understand though... DH is usually out drinking and being a boy and lately I have been out a couple of nights and all he can say is "your always out lately!"

As for a girl to help even up the balance... Nah, doesn't work that way... Well not ytet for me anyway, she is only 17 months!